Rep. Paul Ryan Wants to Address the Drivers of Our Debt

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

Republicans have decided that their talking points should be about the national debt instead of, say, job creation. To that end, Rep. Paul Ryan, on one of those Sunday morning talk shows, said “We need to address the drivers of our debt.”

That’s a great idea.

Maybe Ryan expected that no one would take him up on that offer, but it’s too late. Chad Stone, chief economist at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has done what Ryan wanted. The result might not be what the Republican’s chief budget specialist had imagined.

The chart below shows the Bush/Obama tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan account for almost half of the projected debt by 2019.

H/T: Steve Benen.

29 thoughts on “Rep. Paul Ryan Wants to Address the Drivers of Our Debt”

  1. Frank, it is really hard to discuss something with the logically challenged. It must be rather peaceful to wander about in blissful ignorance of how the world works. Rather like Alfred E. Newman: “What? Me worry?”

  2. So, tootie, not only is your reading comprehension well below average you cannot decipher graphs either. Since there are spaces in your posts I assume you have opposable thumbs but your posts argue that I am wrong.

  3. Ray

    The cause of the debt is SPENDING. If congress would stop spending (especially spending on things it has no authority) there would be no debt.

    Take out the spending for social security and health care and there is no debt to worry about. Well who promoted that for the past 70 years or so? The communists. Most of them with a “D” after their names.

  4. you can not begin to seriously address the debt until you acknowledge the cause of the debt. this is something the republicans refuse to do.

  5. The fastest way to reduce the US debt is to eliminate the Bush tax cuts, increase the marginal rate on the top 5% of taxpayers and cut out the giant tax “incentives” for multinational corporations who do not need them in the first place.

    Recall that Bill Clinton left office with a huge budget surplus. Bush spent like a drunken sailor while cutting taxes for the rich and ran up a huge debt. The Republican solution to reducing the debt is to cut income, since there are few, if any services left to cut, other than to cut back on military spending.

    If you look at the family budget and discover you have a negative cash flow, one of the best ways to fix it is to get a higher paying job while watching expenses. Raising taxes is the government version of getting a higher paying job.

  6. Tootie’s brain, such as it is, is quantum entangled with Ryan’s?

    Well . . . that sure explains a lot.

  7. Tootie, your knowledge of economics seems to be exceeded only by your knowledge of theoretical quantum physics. You and Rep. Ryan are made for each other.

  8. The federal government stands in the way of creating jobs by inflating the dollar making everything cost more (which means employers cannot hire more employees because everything costs to much now). So they are running what employees they have on hand into the ground and operating on hiring freezes (even in the best industries like health care).

    Also local and state regulations prevent the start up of shoestring operations and FORCE the unemployed little guy who cannot find work any other way except in an underground economy to depend on government services. (This delights Democrats).

    If government got out of the way and stopped printing money (which causes inflation) jobs would follow. Government doesn’t need to “do” anything; it just needs to STOP doing what it does.

    But Democrats do not want that to happen. Evidence of this is also that they continue to bring in foreign workers and immigrants when there is high unemployment. Truth be told they don’t care about the unemployed except to make them beg government for their own existence.

  9. “Medicid”

    And here I thought you probably had a bad head cold with a stopped up nose and were trying to pronounce the word ‘medicine’…

  10. A protest regarding cuts in Medicid was being held at Congressman Paul Ryan’s (R-Batshit Crazee) office. Among the protestors were a large number of people with disabilities. Ryan had them arrested.

    Here is the CNN story with a video of the event. You simply cannot make up this stuff.

  11. Somewhere in the distance, a politician is howling over the graphing functions of Excel.

  12. Ryan,

    We Independents think you’re pretty special too. Keep giving the public examples of why the GOP needs to be put out of business. It’s quite entertaining.

  13. Keep ’em coming, Ryan … you are the sole repository of Republican genius and we Democrats loooove you to pieces!

  14. Maybe he will get support from his own p-arty on this,for they as you all know are running for the hills on his other plan.

  15. Was Bush in office in 2001….Hmmmm……I wonder what that grey represents….oh would that be the Tax and spend liberal…Clinton….would that represent a Balanced Budget and payment of the Debt created before Clinton…..Yeah…lets talk about who got what under the Rape and Pillaging GOP…..

  16. So we are to believe that ballooning entitlements and running a global empire are both the normal course of events, and don’t even merit a mention in why we are tens of trillions in debt? Is debt service on $15 trillion even on there? Must be a pittance.

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