End of Times Tragically Comes True For Michigan Teen

It is the type of thing that only teens would come up with as a way of celebrating the continuation of times on Saturday, May 21st. Many people were having fun with the bizarre delusions of Camping and his followers predicting Judgment Day with parties and postings. A group of five teens in Michigan, however, decided to celebrate the end of the world by jumping into the Kalamazoo River, including Anthony Thompson who notably could not swim. Well, you can guess the rest.

Jordan Skinner-Knapp said he tried to discourage Thompson from jumping and then tried unsuccessfully to rescue him in the river.

He and a Little League team that ran to the scene watched helplessly as the teen was swept away screaming in the river.

For all of us who have kids, it is the type of impulsive act that we fear where one of our children might literally throw his life away. Rescue crews were out this weekend trying to find the body.

Source: NY Daily News

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  1. What was that neo conservative Senator from Mississippi….Trent something…..and when the Insurance Company would not pay for his claim….what happened……oh yeah…..the Insurance Lobby got a new meaning of its for me……Then the Judges in the Federal Court in Louisiana started doing business the way it should be….

  2. That is sad….sad…sad….Also, home of Kalamazoo Kings….Frontier Independent Baseball team…….

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