Messing With Mugabe’s Throne: Detective Thrown In Jail For Using the Presidential Privy

Zimbabwean police sergeant Alois Mabhunu has joined a large number of his countrymen in jail under the tyrannical rule of President Robert Mugabe. His crime, however, is rather unique: he used Mugabe’s private toilet. The murder detective was arrested for the offense despite the fact that there is no specific law of criminal commoding. However, in Mugabe’s paradise laws are of little import.

Mabhunu reportedly had to go badly and ignored security at the private privy at the annual Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in the western city of Bulawayo.

As the article below notes, Mugabe’s government has been imprisoning people for the crime of insulting the president, including Douglas Mwonzora, a leading member of the Movement for Democratic Change, who was arrested for looking up at a portrait of Mugabe and saying: “How are you, father? How is your health?”

We have been following the excesses of Mugabe and his wife, who has developed the reputation as Africa’s Madame Chiang Kai-shek.

Source: Guardian

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  1. Buddha,

    There was a math course at my college called “Math in the Liberal Arts,” as near as I could tell, it was all about making Venn Diagrams.

  2. Buddha,

    I suggest the same rule my mother had for any non-illness related bathroom messes: You make it, you clean it up. Which coincidentally was the same rule for April Fools day jokes, the two only overlapped once.

  3. pete,

    What are your thoughts on appropriate punishment for those who pee without raising the lid first?

  4. I bet Zimbabwe citizens aren’t allowed to dance anywhere near a public statue of Mugabe either.

  5. Gee, a nation where the leaders are above the law. Where they can just decide the something is illegal (or legal if it suite their immediate needs). What would that look like?

    What President Mugabe needs is to have his counsel and maybe his nations Attorney General to write a memo saying using his toilet has to be illegal because of the new situation in the world. Old conventions do not apply any longer.

    Then those asshole could get jobs teaching law at places like Berkley.

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