And The Happiest Place on Earth Is . . .

When asked where is the happiest place on Earth, you might have said “Disneyland” but, according to North Korea’s state-controlled media, it is China . . . followed in close second by North Korea.

It turns out that China is the happiest country in the world (100/100) and North Korea is only two points behind as the the 2nd happiest (98/100). It is amazing what a difference a few hundred feet and a communist regime can make. South Korea is only the 152nd happiest in the world (18/100). As for the US, it is so low in happiest (203rd) that is has no score.

According to the Human Rights Watch, the making of the second happiest place on Earth takes a careful balance. First, you must have 150,000 to 200,000 prisoners. You then add systemic torture, starvation, rape, murder, medical experimentation, forced labour, and forced abortions. You then imprison people within your borders to leaving. Voilà, you have one of the happiest place on Earth.

Source: Hangu as first seen on Reddit

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  1. Gary T:

    the coffee mugs would be good for target practice.

    I wonder if they can start selling full face pictures of their dear leader as well, preferably in a pack of 10. You never know when company will show up.

  2. 200,000 prisoners huh?
    Well at least by that metric, the US should be pretty happy too, last count some 2,400,000 prisoners.

  3. Everyone knows that Wheatland WY, is the happiest place on earth. I’ve been there many times, and never seen anyone that wasn’t smiling. Of course I’ve never actually seen anyone in Wheatland…

  4. see what you’ll agree to under waterboarding.

    besides how many of the people asked have ever been anywhere else

  5. Sorry I was trying to link to a video of the “Memorial Mile” with this song as soundtrack. Here is another attempt, different video.

  6. Seems as good a thread as any to say “Happy Memorial Day!” to all here on the best blog; with a special wish for Rafflaw. Remembering all who have served, most especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice; and still hoping all in harm’s way will be home soon.

    “Day After Tomorrow” by Tom Waits

    I got your letter today
    And I miss you all so much, here
    I can’t wait to see you all
    And I’m counting the days, dear
    I still believe that there’s gold
    At the end of the world
    And I’ll come home
    To Illinois
    On the day after tomorrow

    It is so hard
    And it’s cold here
    And I’m tired of taking orders
    And I miss old Rockford town
    Up by the Wisconsin border
    But I miss, you won’t believe
    Shoveling snow and raking leaves
    And my plane will touch down
    On the day after tomorrow

    I close my eyes
    Every night
    And I dream that I can hold you
    They fill us full of lies
    Everyone buys
    About what it means to be a soldier
    I still don’t know how I’m supposed to feel
    About all the blood that’s been spilled
    Look out on the street
    Get me back home
    On the day after tomorrow

    You can’t deny the other side
    Don’t want to die
    Any more than we do
    What I’m trying to say
    Is don’t they pray
    To the same God that we do?
    Tell me, how does God choose?
    Whose prayers does he refuse?
    Who turns the wheel?
    And who throws the dice?
    On the day after tomorrow?


    I am not fighting
    For justice
    I am not fighting
    For freedom
    I am fighting
    For my life
    And another day
    In the world here
    I just do what I’ve been told
    Your just the gravel on the road
    And only the lucky one’s come home
    On the day after tomorrow

    And the summer
    It too will fade
    And with it brings the winter frost, dear
    And I know we too are made
    Of all the things that we have lost here
    I’ll be twenty-one today
    I’ve been saving all my pay
    And my plane will touch down
    On the day after tomorrow

  7. Bette Noir said:

    “Disney has lots of lawyers, and they’re mean ones. Happy, but mean.”

    My best friend is an electrical engineer at Disneyland. His favorite saying is, “It takes a ton of us miserable, highly-stressed groundhogs to make this a happy place. Inside every costume is an employee with ulcers.”

  8. Bette not say anyplace but Disneyland is the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Disney has lots of lawyers, and they’re mean ones. Happy, but mean.

  9. Timmy Pawlenty awoke from one of his perpetual naps yesterday to announce that the only thing he would not cut is the defense budget. We already spend more on our military that the entire rest of the world combined. Think about that for a minute – 6+ billion people on earth and this group of 350 million outspends the other 5 and 2/3 billion combined. And there is no place to cut a penny from that. So everything else must go.

    If you asked morons like Timmy and his ilk why DPRK is in such bad shape they would tell you that the country spend too much on maintaining its military and its leader and too little attention on the plight of it citizens. The irony would be completely lost on them.

  10. A good time to revisit an old Greenwald column…

    Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011 13:20 ET

    Priorities in the Land of the Free
    By Glenn Greenwald

    Millions of Americans are without jobs and are having their homes foreclosed. The U.S. is currently fighting three out-in-the-open wars (or, if you prefer, one war, one occupation, and one kinetic humanitarian intervention) and several other covert ones. Financial and political elites are preparing to tell Americans (quite unpersuasively) that they have to sacrifice Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements because the U.S. debt is so large and unmanageable that it threatens to subvert America’s superior creditworthiness. And we’re constantly told that civil liberties erosions are necessary to combat the Great Menace of Domestic Terrorism. So what is our political class focused on, and to what are law enforcement resources being devoted? …adult pornography…and online poker… (end excerpt)

    So many misplaced priorities, so little time…

  11. Hey! The Masters Of the Universe are doing their best to make America as happy a place as the DPRK. Sure we still have a long way to go but they have us well on our way.

  12. Say what you will, you can’t get good Kung Poa Chicken just anywhere.

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