A Waterspout To Start Your Day

I thought a video of a nice Australian waterspout from this weekend would be a nice way to get you going after a week day weekend. I just returned with the family from North Carolina and had a great time.

This video caused me to look up waterspouts after one of the kids peppered me with questions. It turns out that waterspouts do not suck up water despite their appearance. The water seen in the main funnel cloud is actually water droplets formed by condensation. Moreover, waterspouts have their own unique measurements like earthquakes and hurricanes. For waterspouts it is the Szilagyi Waterspout Index that ranges from -10 to +10.

Now get dressed and go face the world.

6 thoughts on “A Waterspout To Start Your Day”

  1. i can’t help but think, how many people in joplin missouri and tuscaloosa alabama were standing outside trying to get a picture to post on facebook or you tube.

  2. Three waterspouts! This is like watching “Twister”.

    I though am tired of rain, floods and tornados (waterspouts are tornadic winds over water) and would welcome some sunshine for more than one or two days a week. Also, we here in MO. are suffering the plague of 13 year Cicada’s.

    They’re everywhere, they’re millions of ’em, they are on everything- homes, bushes, trees, decks/porches, mailbox’s, driveways, walks/streets- EVERYFREAKINGWHERE!- and keeping me inside on even the few not-raining days we have. Keeping me inside except for sweeping them off the deck, house, walk etc. every day that is. Ack!

    Their constant keening is so loud that if you spend any time (measured in a few minutes) outside your ears start ‘ringing’ and don’t stop for quite a while after you come inside. Birds won’t eat them because the taste bad. We’re stuck with them.

    They should abate in time for the annual plague of “Dog Days” Cicadas; larger, uglier and just as gross in large numbers. Nature has not been kind (hell, I’d settle for non-hostile at this point) to Missouri this year.

    Cows(!) and waterspouts from a great action movie:

  3. Okay, this is awesome. Love how it pulls the moisture out of the bluffs as it moves closer.

  4. Glad you and yours enjoyed yourselves in NC. Hope you had time for breakfast at Sam & Omies (and that Crab Benedict) if you made it that far south.

  5. Awesome !!!!! A little closer to home we are looking at what looks to become the first T.D. of the 2011 Hurricane Season in the SW Caribbean. Could become Arlene by the weekend.

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