Does This Bustier Make Me Look Fatwa? Saudi Arabia Bans Male Lingerie Salesmen

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has issued a decree to ban men working in lingerie shops. Saudi clerics previously opposed women working in lingerie shops and even issued a fatwa banning such jobs.

Notably, Saudi women objected to men selling lingerie. Apparently, Victor’s Secret was that in the sexually repressed kingdom, you could still sell frilly things to women.

Other women bloggers have heralded the ban as a way to reduce unemployment among women. Fatima Garub, the founder of a Facebook campaign, said “from now, embarrassment will end. We thank the king, who felt our problem and took the decision that we have been waiting for a long time.”

Of course, if you get one of those jobs, you may want to rent in the mall: the Kingdom still arrests women who try to drive. There remains a fatwa against women driving.

Source: Gulf News

18 thoughts on “Does This Bustier Make Me Look Fatwa? Saudi Arabia Bans Male Lingerie Salesmen”

  1. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has issued a decree to ban men working in lingerie shops.
    Saudi clerics previously […] issued a fatwa banning [women working in lingerie shops].

    Underwear vending machines?

  2. i’m guessing there’s no fatwa against using hair coloring on beards.

  3. SwM,

    Amongst themselves, one of the many coded phrases the republican faithful use when writing or speaking about the Obama’s is to refer to family as the “Jeffersons”.

    This is what passes as “clever” republican repartee at cocktail parties or on the course at the country club.

    I have recently ended a few long-term friendships over this mean-spirited form of pseudo-sophisticated racism.

  4. Smom,

    No, but it was former Bush supporters that were the largest driving component of the Birther movement when you look behind the curtain. They were overreacting to the perceived threat a Constitutional law professor posed to their plans to turn America into the nation of “We the Corporate”. Little did they realize, Obama was perfectly willing to sell out “We the People” just as his predecessor was. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend and conversely your friend is not always the enemy of your enemy.

  5. Also, there are many people in this country that refuse to accept an african american as president, and, therefore, do not judge the presidency on its merits. FFLEO is not one of those people, however.

  6. SWM,

    I don’t know….I have tried to stay neutral on this issue….But I have more contempt and disrespect for BushII than Obama….

  7. FFLEO Obama is hardly a king. He is treated with more disrespect than any president we have ever had.

  8. What the King giveth, the King may also taketh … i.e. don’t rush out and get a job there, down the road you could pay for it with your life … that’s the reality of such cultures.

  9. Fundamentalism=Prudery=Repression=Despotism. When you get your populace overly concerned with stupidly narrow definitions of sexual morality, you keep their attention from the real problems in a given society. This game has been run for thousands of years and yet seems to keep working. The other parts of this game of course is the repression of women and the sexual ambiguity of its male supporters. If you can’t love a woman as an equal, you can’t love a woman in any respect.

  10. Now see here ya’ll Obama supporters, this is why we do not want a King…

  11. Absurd.

    But with a $2B a month trade surplus with the United States – and a global US empire dedicated to protect them and their terrorist funding – the Saudi’s can afford such folly.

  12. I can just see it now….a woman in a slinky burqa…writing a book called the Happy Burqa…But they may get upset when a queen try’s to dethong them…..

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