Minnesota Man Charged With Killing Wife With Totem Pole

Carl Muggli, 49, has been arrest for second-degree murder in Minnesota of his wife, Linda Muggli, 61. Spousal murders are unfortunately nothing new, but the weapon in his case is rather novel: a 3,000-pound totem pole. While a woman was killed this week by her husband’s casket, totem poles remain an unexplored area of criminal weaponry.

Muggli long insisted that he was having a “wonderful day” with his wife as they carved the totem pole — when suddenly it fell upon here.

Since this is not a manslaughter case, it appears to be an charge based on intent to kill his wife as opposed to criminally negligent conduct.

The couple was married 24 years and were well known for their art.

After the accident, Muggli insisted that he wanted to finish the totem pole that killed his wife.

This would appear a woodland version of Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter” (1953) where Mary Maloney kills her detective husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then serves it to his colleagues investigating the case.

Source: Duluth News Tribune

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  1. There needs to be a rationale stated for alleging this as more than a tragic accident.

  2. He is an artist. The completed work was undoubtedly to be dedicated to his wife as a totem of his affections.

  3. The Minnesota ACLU has announced that it will defend Mr. Muggli on 2nd Amendment grounds. You know,…..The right to keep and bear totem poles.

    By the way, in Minnesota “ACLU” is frequently misspelled as “UFF DA”.

  4. Totem pole murder? Only in Minnesota could a totem pole be considered a deadly weapon.
    I saw the Pawlenty story and it just astounded me. I guess he is even “braver” than Ryan since his plan is 3 times as costly as the Bush tax cuts!

  5. If a totem pole falls in the forest of injustice, but no one hears it, will it make a just sound?

    Or will it just make a sound?

    I would say those are twin questions.

  6. Having lived in Minnesota during T-Paw’s reign of terror I have to tell you that bland, dopey, smile hides a soulless, charcoal heart. He will do the worst things possible with that empty grin that makes some people think he is a nice guy. It would be better for the country if Batshit Bachmann was President. At least people know she is insane and the pressure to resist the destruction of America at her hands would be greater than if the pretend nice guy was at the wheel.

  7. Buddha,

    Since you brought up Google–have you heard about Tim Pawlenty’s great idea about governmental spending cuts?

    Tim Pawlenty’s plan to revive the US economy: the ‘Google Test’
    Pawlenty offered a new spin on the classic spending-cuts idea: If Google can identify a private-sector provider of any good or service, the government should get out of that business. By invoking Google, he hopes to snatch media attention from the antics of Trump, Palin, and Weiner
    By Linda Feldmann, Staff writer / June 7, 2011

    But for a presidential contender stuck in low single digits in the polls, serious doesn’t get you anywhere in a news world driven by what’s trending on Google (which often includes any news item involving Google itself). So on Tuesday, the former Minnesota governor proposed a “Google Test,” as he made the standard Republican pitch for spending cuts.

    “If you can find a service or good available on Google or the Internet, then the federal government probably doesn’t need to be doing it,” said Mr. Pawlenty, speaking at the University of Chicago. “The post office, the Government Printing Office, Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, were all built for a time in our country when the private sector did not adequately provide those products. But that’s no longer the case.”

    Never mind that there really is no private-sector alternative to some things the US Postal Service does, such as rural mail delivery. Or Amtrak, outside of its most-trafficked routes. Pawlenty was making a point, and by invoking Google, it’s possible that some element of his speech will break through the miasma of junk news (dominated today by the antics of a Democrat, one Rep. Anthony Weiner).

  8. Buddha, I’d guess that there was some discrepency in the timing between when he claims the accedent happened and contacting emergency services.

  9. Knowing the mentality of the police now-a-days, they likely saw the above picture of the 3 subjects together and assumed that the ‘eternal love triangle’ was the murder motive…

    This time tomorrow reckon I’ll lose my soul
    Down in some lonesome valley
    Hangin’ from that unfinished totem pole…

  10. I’d like to know what their proof of intent is . . . looking up physics equations on Google?

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