TSA Agents Strip Mentally Disabled Man Of Toy Six-Inch Plastic Hammer

We have yet another horrific encounter with TSA. This time the incident occurred in Romulus, Michigan where a family was going to Disneyland and found two denizens waiting from them at the airport from the Unhappiest Place on Earth. Dr. David Mandy was walking his 29-year-old severely mentally disabled son through security when two agents spotted him.

Drew difficulty understanding orders to place his feet on the yellow shoe line and follow the TSA agents’ orders. When Dr. Mandy tried to explain his son was severely mentally disabled the TSA agents told him to back off and that they would handle the matter. They were concerned with his adult diaper and kept instructing him to rub his hand up the front and back of his pants.
They then turned their attention to a small plastic toy hammer and ball that Drew carries for comfort. As with children, Drew clings to the toys for a sense of security and has had the toys for years. One agent tapped it on the wall and reportedly said “See, it’s hard. It could be used as a weapon.”

The agents made the family surrender the six-inch hammer despite the trauma to Drew. The agents were convinced that Drew could try to take over the plane with his six-inch toy hammer. Unable to mail the hammer (a common and meaningless suggestion by TSA), they had to allow the agents to throw it out.

It would appear Drew was not the only severely mentally challenged person at the security checkpoint.

Source: Fox Detroit

23 thoughts on “TSA Agents Strip Mentally Disabled Man Of Toy Six-Inch Plastic Hammer”

  1. I remember the voices of some politicians who promised to reconsider the measures instigated at airports so that disabled people don’t get this kind of treatment but it seems to me that they have once again gone back on their promises.

  2. Sounds like those guys are trained in a way that doesn’t allow for any exceptions, its all black and white to them and they probably dont know how to deal with the situation in any other way.

    Its sad and must have been confusing and frightening for the young man.

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