The Scales of Justice? San Francisco Moves Toward Banning Sale of Gold Fish

San Francisco’s Commission of Animal Control last year was lambasted over a move to ban puppies, hamsters, and kittens from being sold in the city. Now, the Commission is moving on to a new proposed ban: goldfish.

The Commission wants the city to ban the sale of goldfish, tropical fish and guppies in its borders as part of its campaign to discourage “impulse buy” animals.

There remains no ban on impulse buy legislation, however.

This story hits home after our recent tragedy. Last year we lost Trigger, our Beta fish, who seemed as old as a sea turtle. We gave him a sea burial at the creek near our house and held a moving ceremony on the small wooden bridge. With the grieving process at an end, the kids want a new fish. Clearly, we may want to buy locally.

Source: NBC

11 thoughts on “The Scales of Justice? San Francisco Moves Toward Banning Sale of Gold Fish”

  1. Relax! The pablum puking liberals will never ban puppies. Lord/saviour Obama (per Jamie Foxx; not me) snacks on them like they’ Twinkies! (it’s in one of his autobiographies – read for yourself.). You people need deep therapy fast. Freaks.

  2. As long as being stupid is not against the law, there will always be just cause to regulate these living, breathing ‘consumer items’ , from hamsters to goldfish. What grinds my teeth is not so much the purchase of, but the greedy jerks that sell these poor creatures. The worse are the poor bunny rabbits at Easter time.

  3. Arrrgh! There’s a large part of the purebred dog world that has a NRA/Tea Party sort of mindset – they are convinced that the ultimate aim of the Humane Society and PETA is to ban the ownership of all cats and dogs. (No, I am not making this up – think about Tea Party beliefs about the government…. yep, similar mindset at work.)

    While the overt reasoning is to limit the suffering of “impulse buy” animals, this sort of thing is just fuel for the fire burning in the fevered imaginations of the anti-Humane Society folks.

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  5. This may herald the beginning of a smuggling trade in illicit guppies. On the other hand, we still have some freedoms left. If you find yourself unhappy with your undocumented fish, you can always run down to the corner, buy a gun and shoot them.

  6. Really? I think there are maybe a few things that are slightly more important than goldfish that need to be addressed by this legislation? I mean, come on…really?

  7. “There remains no ban on impulse buy legislation, however.”

    Not to name any names but the Patriot Act does come to mind when one mentions impulse buy legislation.

  8. Oh no…..what will the major marketing firms do…when we have no skittles at the check out….no…gum….will they move the M&M’s behind the service desk because they are eye level for most kids……..will you have to show an ID to purchase a scandal sheet……where will they be kept in the store….

    Speaking of impulse buying….what about politics….will…they be able to ban them too……

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