Nuts? What Nuts?

This is conclusive proof that eating disorders are not limited to humans in the animal kingdom.

I hope that all of our fathers had a wonderful Father’s Day. Because it was raining, we largely stayed at home and relaxed, which is exactly what I needed. We watched The Longest Day, which showed the kids some of the history of Normandy in anticipation of our trip to France. Madie just wanted to confirm that the Nazis would not be there waiting for us.

6 thoughts on “Nuts? What Nuts?”

  1. Buddha-

    Along with the expandable cheeks, the chipmunks and Diz also shared a love for “Salt Peanuts”. There are “cheekier” versions of “Salt Peanuts” on the same page, but I love the Jump Bands of the 40’s, and Lucky Millender’s was one of the best.

  2. there’s a joke here about the squirrel being a tea party member, but that would be crude even for me.

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