No Joke: Teen Pulls Gun On Clown, Clown Shoots Teen

This is precisely why clowns scare some people. A Chicago teen went up to a man dressed up as a clown, pulled a gun, and demanded money. The clown promptly grabbed the gun and shot and killed the kid. It turns out that the man was an off-duty police officer who was participating in a South Side fundraiser for a day-care business. (Clown shown here is not a picture of the officer)

Before the fatal confrontation, Jerry Moore had boasted to his 19-year-old big brother Mike Jordan that he was going to rob someone and showed off a .38-caliber revolver. The family is demanding to know why the teen was shoot repeatedly. However, it is unlikely that such an incident would be found to be anything other than a justified shooting. The officer’s life was in danger and, given the struggle, he will be likely cleared in any investigation.

Th officer suffered minor injuries. One person was also reportedly taken into custody.

Source: Chicago Tribune

20 thoughts on “No Joke: Teen Pulls Gun On Clown, Clown Shoots Teen”

  1. Brittany, He got what he deserved and he’s down in Hell where he belongs, damned thug.

  2. fuck everybody thats on here!..
    that was my bestfriend i know he did wrong but
    he never deserved to die…he never deserved this

  3. i am so tired of people being concerned for the rights of the criminal.
    He got what he deserved. If you pull a gun with the intent to rob you dont get to say, I was only kidding, you deserve to be dealt with the same way the person you pulled the gun on felt. Good for the cop.

  4. Amen to what Mike A. stated. Where did he get the gun and why didn’t the family stop him? The number of gunshot wounds could be evidence of abuse, but this clown was a victim of an armed robbery.

  5. Damn cops, what is the problem. Nothing has changed but the uniform.

  6. I’ve always thought in my dislike of clowns that one messes with a clown at their own risk. But then, as Culheath, stupid crook.

  7. Karma can be a real bitch sometime.
    Definitely justifiable.
    This part sounds excessive. “The clown promptly grabbed the gun and shot and killed the kid.”
    If that was the case I would say the cop was guilty of manslaughter.

    Reading the article where it mentions the struggle makes for a completely different picture. Sounds like the cop did what he had to do.

  8. The family will shut up – once it is explained to them that the older brother will be charged as an accessory. In this sort of thing it is possible to wonder if the cop had to shoot but nobody that has not been there can know and the thug is not due any sympathy.

  9. Mike,

    Then you’d be asking them to take some form of responsibility….

  10. Maybe the question the family should be asking is where their son got a .38 revolver. They might also want to ask big brother why he did nothing to stop his little brother.

  11. Query: If you were going to pick a target to rob, would you select a clown as someone likely to be carrying much money?

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