Carney: The President Has Been Clear That His Position Is Unclear

Finally, clarity. For years, many civil libertarians have denounced President Barack Obama for his failure support same-sex marriage and over two years of opposing the claims of gay and lesbian soldiers in courts. He still refuses to recognize same-sex marriage but White House Spokesman Jay Carney has finally cleared up the confusion. This week Carney dismissed suggestions that the President’s position claiming to support gay rights but not supporting same-sex marriage is confusing. Carney insisted Obama has been “very clear that his position is evolving.”

Carney was refusing to answer the simple question of whether Obama supported same-sex marriage in 1996 on a questionnaire.

This Kerry-esque position only magnifies how politics and not principle are driving the President’s positions, yet again. What is clear is that the Administration continues to oppose arguments that sexual orientation should be treated like gender or race in protection from discrimination. The President continues to play Hamlet on the Potomac with the core civil liberties of gay and lesbian citizens. As on the President’s position on torture, these are fundamental matters of principle that demand an honest answer.

I can understand if the President has moral or philosophical objections to same-sex marriage — even if I disagree with them. However, this is a threshold question that is answered by one’s views of morality or philosophy. Clearly, that question should have been answered in the President’s mind years ago (as it appears to have been in 1996). It is the politics that remain unclear for the President. That much is quite clear.

Jonathan Turley

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  1. rafflaw,

    Congrats. Since you did not have the chance to know your Dad—as I recall, because of his death during military service—you are fortunate that, given your son’s military service in a horrid country, you are able to have him alive and well.


    I echo what rafflaw stated. As a Viet Nam Era veteran who also lost my only brother to that conflict, I can somewhat understand what you and your son are experiencing. Your son needs to know that there are many people who honor what he did for this country even though the government often turns its back on those who selflessly sacrificed for the cause.

  2. Frank,
    I hope your son improves as quickly as possible from the rigors of combat. His service is appreciated. I also enjoyed your quote from the Sgt. Major Barrett.

  3. Thanks to everyone for your comments and good wishes concerning my son and his safe return from Afghanistan. I can think and work more clearly now that he is stateside.

  4. Frank,

    Here is the Carney theme song:[youtube=]

  5. “we in this country must compromise to establish a fair and impartial society for all.”


    Though knowing your feelings FFLEO, in a strictly non-religious sense.

  6. Thanks to each person who responded to my comment: BIL, Otteray Scribe, rafflaw, Lottakatz, Frank, Mike Spindell et al.

    Your comments over time within this blawg prompt an examination of one’s philosophies. While most of the participants here of a liberal bent and I am about as conservative as life could bend me, we in this country must compromise to establish a fair and impartial society for all.

  7. Surprisingly, I’ve become a relative old timer here, I recognize that some slightly newer community members are getting their first taste of BVM. BVM is a trollish piece of work. This entity, I don’t know the sex, has posted inane and insane anti-Obama drivel since first appearing here during the 2008 campaign. It never engages in direct debate and goes on tediously spewing out its’ ill-founded rumors. A visit to its website discloses a confounding pastiche of anomaly’s and is to say the least, not edifying. ignore it and it will eventually go away. eventually.

    As to the Chicago “Gay” Bath House slur it rang a bell with me.
    Back in the early 70’s in NYC, many of my male Gay friends frequented a place calle “The Baths.” They talked about a fabulous female singer performing their, that had incredible talent. Sadly, I think fearing for my discomfit and recognizing that I might not fit in, they never invited me to go and I never asked, fearing I might make the regulars uncomfortable. That singer was Bette Midler, at the start of her great career and for me it was an opportunity lost.

  8. Raff,

    It is a blessing for your whole family, enjoy the trip and all of you have good cries, absorbing the joy of the moment and the relief.


    Where the hell are Republican’s Pols like you when we need them? Your statement could not have been more emblematic of what the Constitution says this Country should be about. Your statement is in the tradition of Abe, T.R., & Ike. If someone like you were running on the Republican line I’d vote for them, even though I’d probably disagree on many issues. The bottom line is integrity of opinion and the ability to see beyond one’s predilictions.

  9. In 2nd video Larry Sinclair claims sex and drugs with Obama.

    I even heard that Larry Sinclair told Michelle that he can identify the fuhrer’s little pee pee.

  10. OMG….what if he is gay? On top of being a mooslin, socialist, nazi, furriner, alien, Kenyan, Antichrist, and did anyone notice he is BLACK???? Oh the horror. Gay? What will they discover next? We owe such a debt of gratitude to the internet trolls who are leading us out of darkness into the light. Keep this from Michelle. BTW, did anyone notice she is BLACK too? The President of the United State sleeps with a BLACK woman. In the White House. OMG. This country is on a downward spiral. We need to call on St. Sarah of Teabags to save us. Or something…….


  11. Would it matter?

    While it would give clowns like you a reason other than he is black to hate him it wouldn’t change a thing. Normal people would not give a shit. You, as you have so ably demonstrated, are not normal but it still wouldn’t matter.

  12. Raf – just want to add my best wishes to your son. Mine has been out for a couple of years now and is struggling with anger & depression over his service. Its getting better but there are struggles.

    FF – that is a very thoughtful stance, good on you. I’d like to post a bit about the new Command Sgt. Major of the USMC – The Wall Street Journal reports that Sgt. Maj. Barrett brought out a small copy of the Constitution and referenced Article 1, Section 8. “It says, ‘Raise an army.’ It says absolutely nothing about race, color, creed, sexual orientation.” He then asked if everyone in the group joined the Marines to protect their nation, going on to say, “How dare we, then, exclude a group of people who want to do the same thing you do right now, something that is honorable and noble?”

    Sgt. Maj. Barrett concluded by saying “Get over it… Let’s just move on, treat everybody with firmness, fairness, dignity, compassion and respect. Let’s be Marines.”

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