Illinois Girl Dies Trying To Save Family Dog

This is one of the saddest stories I have read this year. An Illinois family is grieving after Taylor Mae Stinchcomb, 15, tried to save the family dog from being put down and stole their minivan. The resulting accident killed both Taylor and the dog, Romulus.

Taylor took the van and the cancer-stricken Doberman with a friend at midnight on Tuesday. The friend took over driving because Taylor was too upset and crashed the van. The friend survived.

Taylor was going into her sophomore year in high school.

This is an unspeakable tragedy for the Stinchcomb family. Taylor was cut out of the rolled over van but later died of internal organ injuries.

Source: Daily Mail

8 thoughts on “Illinois Girl Dies Trying To Save Family Dog”

  1. Sad outcome, but the girl deserves credit for giving appropriate consideration to the rights of her dog.

    How many stories of heroic dog saves owner can you remember, there should be a few about heroic human tries to save dog.

  2. if you truly love, you can let go. she was too young to have learned this life lesson.

  3. I feel so bad for this girl and her family. A young life lost for a dog. Such a waste.

  4. I really admire this girl. She loved completely and I’m sure her dog did too. I’m deeply sorry to hear of her death.

  5. This is a sad story. I saw it in the Chicago Tribune and I couldn’t believe it at first. I have had to put beloved dogs down and it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is a shame this young lady could not control her emotions and that she could not be stopped in time.

  6. So sad I know the love that a Doberman can bring to a family

    I had one, black and tan,Tosha. Dobermans have a genetic disease of the neck that causes them to loose control of motor function to the body. The day I put Tosha down I cried more than I did at my fathers funeral. Best dog ever. Our yellow lab now is a close second.

  7. So sad I know the love that a Doberman can bring to a family,and Taylor knew it too.So sad.

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