Mexican Invasion! United States Objects To Mexican Troops Briefly Entering U.S.

For years, many of us have been noting that the United States continues to violate international law and the sovereignty of foreign nations in some of our military assaults on terror targets. We have often asked how we would respond to countries like Mexico sending military personnel into our territory. Well, it happened this week when three military trucks loaded with Mexican soldiers crossed the border at Bridge Number Two into the U.S.

Customs and Border Protection officials are demanding answers and citizens are up in arms. The Mexicans insist the truck just got lost.

Does it really matter, according to our own practices? If the Mexicans were attacking drug lords or terror suspects, couldn’t they just claim the same privilege of the United States. Indeed, according to Pakistan, we have repeatedly entered Pakistani territory and killed individuals with both predator drones and actual military assaults like the one against Bin Laden. Perhaps this was the Mexican Seal Equipo Seis.

The worst thing about Mexican invasions of the U.S. is that they play Telly Salavas music:

If that is not a war crime, I am not sure what would constitute a war crime.

Source: Pro8news

Jonathan Turley

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  5. An American general under a last name Powel he been allowing plus permitting to conflict at the American country and American public, he were giving up, his military instructing, for the Mexicans, to escape at a pending conflict with the American government, in many times after the 1963, he sold the military power of the United States, as for to the Mexican to command plus to say how and what, he said because he like big money, the same Powell he ask to be paid , Powell escaped of the country of the United States of America a few months earlier of the attack against the former exPresident of America, since the 1963, the Americans, were busy fighting against the enemies of the American country, but Powell he took advantage in the confusion, in order back to return, Powell he did work it, plus continues working, for the German power and Libyan power, Powell contact those countries from the country of Mexico, when in the cumber Cozumel, again a name general Powell, himself was asking for money to betray his same American country, Powell wants for the Germans to and Libya grow economical and political power, and very in the last the American military power, for finally to give the power to the Nazi power, Powel he may be the German furher nagger person wining the Olympics in the Nazi Olympics game, , the furher he leave to that nagger to win on porpoise, to give power to the Nazi power, to gain power in the North American country, and to continue fighting. The power of Powell it is by fighting against of the American public, he and his bunch of spies, they are driving by in the middle of the public, with another foreigner economy of the Bank of Africa and Arabia, Powel and the German and Libyan team they fight it inside the Mexican country, to win power with another political party, under name the pan, those are a bunch of foreigners fighters at the Mexican and America, they moist to be send to military jail, under a name tag of military criminal and prisoners.

  6. We have clones? That can’t be good for the Empire. The rest of it sounds good though.

  7. Imperialist invaders out! Out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, & now Mexico. Don’t forget U.S. clones in Palestine. War crimes tribunal for Obama, Bush, & every politician who ever supported them. Enough is enough!

  8. The incursion was no mistake. Granted that Mexico has no intention of invading the US, but those three trucks were ReCon convoys, they know exaxctly where they were and exactly what they were doing and exactly what they were “looking for”. The Mexican military is a highly trained military per the US and Recon soldiers are some of the most exceptionaly trained. It looks to me as if it was a Recon mission and they got all the information they needed. Good job Mexico, hell of a way to conduct a mission, right in our faces and calling it an error. Im sure there were other convoys elsewhere conducting the real mission, the three were just a ploy to take our eyes off the border in key parts for a while. Great tactic!!! By the way, i believe it was all done in good faith and the Mexican govt is really trying hard to keep US guns out of Mexico. Operation
    “Recon The Gringos” Accomplished!

  9. What excuse? How about NAFTA, that has put millions of Mexicans out of work and has allowed slave labor factories to be built on our border.

    How about our own government providing semi automatic weapons to the drug cartels? Over 70% of the guns confiscated from the cartels are from the US, and 90% of these American weapons are from the border states.

  10. Hmmm, I can think of one difference. The Jihadists attacked the US, to the tune of a few thousand lives, which is definitely an act of war; Pakistan gave “aid and comfort to the enemy”, which would have gotten it handily invaded if this had been a legal, properly declared war. The US has not attacked Mexico since 1847. What excuse does Mexico have to invade us?

    –Leslie < Fish

  11. Buddha,

    Ten good reasons not to support this far out radical. My own is that anyone who conflates Ayn Rand and deeply held religious beliefs, has to have some serious inability to think clearly.

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