Gingrich and Bachmann Call For Campaign Against Same-Sex Marriage

It appears that same-sex marriage is being groomed for a major issue in this election. With Jay Carney insisting that President Obama remains clear that his views are unclear, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann stepped forward this weekend to put the issue front and center in their campaigns. Gingrich this weekend announced that he will lead the fight against same-sex marriage to stop the nation from “drifting toward a terrible muddle.” He said that he would be looking for ways to “defend that view as legitimately and effectively as possible.”

Critics are likely to charge that Gingrich certainly has more experience in the area with three prior marriages — making the campaign sound more like a pitch that marriage should be restricted to a man and a woman and a woman and a woman.

The decision of New York to become the sixth state to recognize same-sex marriage guarantees that it will be a hot issue in the campaign. Bachmann is calling for a constitutional amendment.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I have long argued that the states should uniformly adopt a civil union standard and leave “marriages

Source: Reuters

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  4. Swarthmore mom, I am curious about the part where it says “educated and disciplined.” The discipline part sounds intriguing. Maybe, as Jesus’ General says when it comes to homosexualists, it might require spanking with the mighty spatula of discipline. Perhaps the education part included nude Spartan wrestling.

  5. Ms. EM,

    You really like that Taibbi fellow. I never heard of him until I read one of your posts. He is a very good writer.

    I must go with the “Adam Nicole Smith” name missassociation…

  6. FF LEO,

    “If the vote is between Romney Vs. Obama, for whom would you cast your vote?”

    Maybe neither of the above. Too soon to tell. I would like to vote for a candidate who says what he means and means what he says.

  7. Rafflaw,

    I always value your opinion regardless if I specifically request one from you; however, I already knew your answer–and Swarthmore mom’s– and I ain’t no mind reader….

  8. Former FEd,
    I know you weren’t asking me, but any of the Teapublicans are losers when compared to Obama because they will subvert the rights of women as soon as they take office. Even Romney won’t stand in the way of the crazies on the Right who want to set up the uterus police and the contraception police.

  9. Ms. EM,

    Thank you for your reply. If you can while considering the information known to date, please answer the following question in any manner and with an explanation, if needed.

    If the vote is between Romney Vs. Obama, for whom would you cast your vote?

  10. Roco,

    Perry–an opportunist? How can you think such a thing? I’d say he’s a wannabe secessionist. He does have great hair though–just like Romney. I think Perry has more on top of his head than he has INSIDE his head.

  11. FF LEO,

    One thing I didn’t like about him: After he became governor of Massachusetts, he started traveling around the country badmouthing the state. He’s also changed his position on a lot of issues. He’s moved to the right quite a bit. Maybe he got his magic underwear in a knot when he decided he wanted to run for president.

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