Judge Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Enter Hotel Room of Female Judge While Naked and Wrapped in Bed Sheet

One of my colleagues sent me this incredible story. This is judge Douglas Gummo, 42, who was arrested after allegedly appearing naked in a bed sheet at a female judge’s hotel room door and demanding to be let in. The Huntingdon County District Magistrate has been charged with public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Gummo was reportedly drunk and the other judge called the police when he tried to open the door and refused to go away. The judges had just met at a legal conference in Pennsylvania. She told police Gummo tried to enter her room three times in 40 minutes.

The conference was held at the Raddison Penn hotel in Harrisburg.

Gummo is a former police officer and was elected judge in 2007. He reportedly had had ten beers.

26 thoughts on “Judge Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Enter Hotel Room of Female Judge While Naked and Wrapped in Bed Sheet”

  1. “Gummo is a former police officer ….”


    That would likely make him the House Dick then.

  2. so that’s how they entice judges to actually go the “judges school.” I wonder if his courtroom is dark this week while he eats some vacation time. The entire local courthouse must have erupted in laughter.

  3. Judge. Nice job but you had better keep your nose really clean and never, ever get drunk, almost naked, then go door knocking in a hotel. A hotel with other judges, especially.

  4. eniobob 1, June 28, 2011 at 11:29 am

    He just wanted an opinion,and who better to ask than another judge.


    It does appear he forgot his briefs!!!

  5. How could he be naked wrapped in a bed sheet? Thats easy – at the moment I am naked underneath my cloths.

    My respect for the judicial branch has been pruned again.

  6. Yikes! Those judicial conferences are wild and crazy affairs! I would hope that he would voluntarily resign. If he said that he had ten beers, then he probably had 15.

  7. Judicial colloquy at its finest. Must have been quite an intercourse on a pending case.

  8. No, he was auditioning for the role of the President of the IMF…. I hear that they have an opening….

  9. nal,

    He went Scottish without the cod piece….or roman….

  10. I wonder if there will be a swift verdict…like stepping down from the bench….removal from office…substance treatment…..

    It seems like he blew it….but…

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