Got Milk? Delaware Woman Charged With Breast Milk Assault

We previously thought that we saw a unique breast milk assault case, but we were wrong. The Delaware County sheriff’s office this weekend arrested Stephanie Robinette, 30, at a wedding banquet hall and charged her with attacking deputies with her breast milk. Robinette is an elementary school teacher at Summit Academy, a school that specializes in dealing with children with autism, ADHD and other disorders.

Robinette had been drinking and allegedly hit her husband repeatedly before locking herself in the car. When police arrived, they say that she yelled profanities at them, identified herself as a nursing mother, and began spraying them. However, Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said in the news release that “[m]any factors go into this, including whether deputies were actually hit with the breast milk.” Really? One would think that that element would have to be pretty clear before deputies brought such a charge.

Robinette faces charges of domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. I understand the domestic violence and disorderly conduct and even maybe resisting arrest, but obstructing official business and assault are questionable. While all are misdemeanors, it seems a bit excessive for an instance of an obnoxious drunk in a car.

Source: Dispatch

19 thoughts on “Got Milk? Delaware Woman Charged With Breast Milk Assault”

  1. Seconding erykah’s comment, let me say that Delawareans don’t like to be confused with Pennsylvanians, even those from Delaware County, especially where crime is concerned.

  2. I’d like to milk these jokes some more, but it would make me feel like a boob. Far be it from me to create a cleavage between those who would promote adolescent humor and those who would promote uplift on this blog.

  3. I guess they finally found the missing WMDs–Weapons of Mammary Destruction.

  4. the “obstructing official business” is because she had every cop in three counties there watching.

  5. Hey JT–Your headline is wrong. This happened in Delaware County in Columbus, Ohio, not the state of Delaware. Crazy just the same..

  6. From the photo it appears that her breast milk may have registered about a .15.

  7. I agree wtih Prof. Turley that some of the charges seem excessive. How far can you “spray” the breast milk anyways? Was she using a supershooter squirt gun breast pump to aid her in her criminal ways??

  8. There would be a risk of infection, albeit infinitesimal, from being sprayed with breast milk into an open wound. In the absence of an open wound, I think the cops in question should not have made the “breast milk assault” as a separate crime.

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