North Korea Slashes Rations To As Little As 375 Calories a Day

The second happiest place on Earth is cutting rationed food to as low as 150 grams (5.3 ounces) a day. That is roughly 375 calories a day for North Koreans in the worker’s paradise.

The population of 23 million people is showing signs of mass starvation. Even in Pyongyang, United Nations officials are reporting rations of 200 grams a day and a new video by a journalist found soldiers desperately seizing food — a notable development since the military has always been given the lion’s share of food in the country.

What is fascinating is that the Obama Administration went to war in Libya while North Korea starves millions and Syria kills thousands. It is part of utter incoherence in our foreign policy and the arbitrary basis that we use to go to war. (For full disclosure, I represent the members of Congress challenging the Libyan war). The government has also closed universities and sent students to work on farms and in factories.

Source: Google

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  1. North Koreans have to real rights, their government spies on them and claims it’s all to keep them safe.

    That would be like the US being ruled over by billionaires while citizens can’t afford to take their children to the dentist…

    Oh wait….

    It’s like looking in a mirror.

  2. puzzling:

    I figured it hadnt stopped after the election. I dont remember doing that when I was in grade school. Although it was Nixon and Johnson and Kennedy. But I dont remember any songs to any of them. It would have been seen as in very bad taste. But then our teachers and parents went through WWII so they probably had an aversion for a supreme leader.

  3. drf,

    To be fair, Obama worship facilitated by government schools did not stop with the election:

  4. Roco,

    All are nauseating to watch, no question.

    It is little wonder that the State mandates twelve years of propaganda masquerading as a free public education. Minds are easiest to hijack when they are young. Organized religion has known this for centuries.

  5. To be fair, the kids singing about Obama were doing so before the election. Had that video been made in 2010, then the comparison to the propaganda of Hitler and Kim Jong-il might hold up. As it stands, the only thing you can say about those kids singing about Obama is that they were foolish enough to have hope.

    And how exactly is Obama a totalitarian? The man buckles like a belt.

  6. puzzling:

    not equating Obama to Hitler just fascinated that totalitarians of all stripes seem to be attracted to this type of thing.

  7. puzzling:

    when ever I see that Obama Childrens video I am reminded of this one:

  8. Henman:

    so the path we are on is not a good one? I agree, a socialist/communist path is a bad path to be on. Just look at how well North Korea has done with the experiment of every man his brothers keeper.

    They are eating rats, mice, birds, grass and anything else to keep them alive. That is were a workers paradise will always lead, the workers eating rats and freezing in the winter and baking in the summer.

    Oh I know, Norway. Well if it didn’t have billions of barrels of oil they would be up the creek.

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