Finally, A Befitting Epithet

Friend of this blog (and this blogger) Frank Mascagni attended my speech to the Kentucky bar this month and snapped some pictures. One shot at the “Pursuing Justice” conference produced an ironic twist.

Given the fact that most of my cases are against Justice Department lawyers, it could serve as an official photo! Though I would insist on it being my epithet rather than my epitaph.

By the way, Frank was just featured one the cover of Super Lawyer’s Magazine as one of the best trial lawyers in Kentucky. He isn’t a bad photographer either. I recommend him for not just bar conferences but bar mitzvahs.

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  1. I continue to be grateful for “the good guys”… There are a few still standing.

  2. I forgot to add, I received an email yesterday from the Executive Director of the Kentucky Bar Association about the photo of Jonathan. He also visits this site. I called John and I requested a copy of the DVD of Jonathan’s presentation and he was kind enough to agree to send me one next week. I’ll send to Jonathan and request he post it here for all of you to see. It was impressive! Jonathan is a passionate and powerful presenter! It’s about 60 minutes, but it is well worth your time to listen to his insights.

    He also pointed out that because Jonathan’s head in front of the “PURSING JUSTICE” line of the background sign, that it blocks the letters “P-U-R ” , leaving the balance to now read “SUING JUSTICE”. Is that an irony or what?

  3. mespo727272 , anon nurse, rafflaw, lottakatzatz : Thanks to all for your generous remarks. I am honored to be able to be accepted into this “family” when I had absolutely no idea (really) what being a true blogger meant. For you more experienced bloggers, you know I began when Jonathan was defending Judge Thomas Porteous last year during the impeachment trial. I really enjoyed talking with all of you and listening to your observations and wit and wisdom. I am the one who is flattered to be allowed here. I read this site every day and cut and paste articles and forward to lawyers individually and sometime to the entire criminal defense bar in Kentucky that are members of the KACDL. You contributors deserve the kudos, not me. Thanks for allowing me to comment occasionally. Sincerely, Frank

  4. Thanks Frank for the pic and link to the The Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers site. It was a good read. Congratulations on your Super Lawyers cover, now that was an impressive read!

  5. Mr. Mascagni,
    Congrats and thanks for posting the picture of the Professor! I have to echo OS’s request that Prof. Turley post his speaking schedule so the friends of the Turley Blog can see him in action!

  6. Counselor Mascagni,

    I began reading your curriculum vitae/honors/awards over at Super Lawyer (shouldn’t you be enshrined within a Super-Duper Lawyer page somewhere?) and I will reply to this thread again once I finish by perusal—perhaps sometime in early 2012 or thenceforth…

    Congrats, regarding the commendations issued from your peers recognizing your exemplary lawyering skills.

    By the way, could you tell us your height? My son is 6’4ish and I was just curious.

  7. Please go to to see an additional photograph that was taken on June 16, 2011, at the KBA Conference in Lexington, KY. It was taken of Professor Jonathan Turley after delivering his presentation “The Criminalization of America: The Expanding Use of the Criminal Code to Address Bad Conduct” at 2:00 p.m., on Thursday, June 16, 2011. Professor Turley was the Feature CLE presenter.

    Following his presentation, Professor Turley joined us at the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KACDL) booth and Professor Turley was photographed with KACDL officers and members: Frank Mascagni, III, Ernie Lewis, Ed Monahan, Kentucky state Senator Robin Webb, and Daniel T. Goyette.

    By way of background, Professor Turley was the keynote speaker at the 22nd KACDL Annual Criminal Defense Law Conference and Seminar on November 7, 2008. His presentation was entitled “Meeting the Challenges Currenlty Confronting the Criminal Defense Bar”. He attended at my invitation and his presentation was well received by our membership.

    Jonathan has addressed the KBA Annual Convention attendees in 2010 and, most recently, in 2011. Jonathan is a nationally recognized legal scholar and is a author of numerous academic articles, professor at The George Washington School of Law where he teaches courses on Constitutional law and Constitutional criminal law, etc. He is also a practicing criminal law defense attorney, frequent witness before the House and Senate on Constitutional issues, his articles appear in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal, etc. He appears regularly as a legal expert on all of the major television networks. He recently defended Judge Thomas Porteous during his impeachment trial in 2010. He is fifty (50) years of age and is married and the proud father of four children.

  8. We are all known for the deeds we do, but sometimes they are captured aptly in photographs.

  9. A very nice thread… and “a befitting epithet” indeed…

    Frank Mascagni, III,

    A fitting photo and congratulations to you, sir.

  10. So no one has answered is Jim Bean the KBA President…

    Good Photo….

  11. Thank you Jonathan. It was our honor to have you address the 2011 Kentucky Bar Association annual convention in Lexington, Kentucky. Prof. Turley’s remarks were the hit of the 3 day convention. I’m stll receiving positive feedback and kudos since he spoke on June 16, 2011! Thank you so much for coming and being an ally of the KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS. Another photo of Jonathan and copy on

  12. Now that is funny.

    Professor, you need to publish your speaking schedule over in the sidebar. If I had known you were speaking there, I would have driven up to see you.

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