Chinese Woman Catches Baby After Ten-Story Fall

We have had a spate of woman catching falling babies this year. A Beijing woman outdid a British tourist in Florida by catching a toddler who fell ten stories. Niu Niu, 2, was left unattended by her grandmother and crawled out the window. Wu Juping, 31, her dangling from the window and rushed over to catch her as she fell.

Another neighbor tried to reach the child from the second floor, but she fell. Wu Juping is a recent mother herself. She is quoted in the article below saying “I myself have a seven-month-old baby, who happened to fall off a chair and hurt her lips, they bled a lot..So I thought if this little girl fell off from the 10th floor, the consequences might be horrible. So I thought I should help her.” I would have to agree with that.

In the meantime, scouts from the Chicago Bears are seeking to interview Wu about her plans for the upcoming season.

Since we have no video of the baby catch, I found the closest thing to the “Wu Juping” — which is now the Chinese term for the Hail Mary pass.

Source: China Org

6 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Catches Baby After Ten-Story Fall”

  1. tomdarch,

    That was my initial physics reaction as well. That’s a lot of kinetic energy.

  2. From the Australian Yahoo story linked by eniobob:

    “Niu Niu struck Wu’s left arm before falling onto the lawn, while Wu passed out from the force of the blow.”

    “Passed out” might have been “was knocked unconscious.” Given the amount of kinetic energy in a two-year old falling 30m/100ft, this story could have ended: “Good Samaritan and baby killed in attempt to catch falling infant.” It sounds like this situation ended about as well as could be imagined!

  3. The child is blessed?

    God gets credit for providing a brave woman to break her fall, but no blame for allowing her to crawl out the window in the first place, eh?

    Genuflection… can be fun! Join the holy genuflection revo-luuu-tionnnn. Everybody sing!

  4. Some people are lucky and this child is blessed…the family too…

  5. A true hero of the Peoples Republic, good for you Ms. Wu Juping!

    And Happy 4th of July to all.

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