North Carolina Woman Arrested After Blowing 0.0 On Test . . . Police Then Pull Over Lawyer Husband After He Follows Them To Jail

Two North Carolina State Highway Patrol officers, Senior Trooper Edward Wyrick and Trooper Andrew Smith, have been suspended pending investigation after Gina Tessener said she was arrested despite blowing a 0.0 on a breathalyzer test. She then alleges that the officers arranged to pull over her husband, attorney Hoyt Tessener, who followed his wife to the magistrate. Recently released exchanges between the officers show profanity and hostility in dealing with the couple.

The stop occurred on June 21st. Here are the messages between the officers:

– 12:03:51 a.m. (from Wyrick to Smith): “This woman refused all roadside testing, and blew .00. Her husband is a trial lawyer and told me I should be ashamed of myself.”

– 12:05:02 a.m. (from Smith to Wyrick): “Hahahaha f— her and f— him. She say how much she’d had to drink?”

– 12:07:13 a.m. (from Wyrick to Smith): “She said 1 drink at 7pm.”

– 12:07:30 a.m. message from Smith to Wyrick: “F—her.”

At around 12:15 am, Wyrick tells Gina Tessener he is taking her in to the magistrate’s office. While presumably on the way to the magistrate, the messages continue.


– 12:33:42 a.m. (from Wyrick to Smith): “HOW FAST”

– 12:33:59 a.m. (from Smith to Wyrick): “58”

Wyrick and Gina Tessener arrived at the magistrate’s office at 12:44 a.m.

Wyrick puts Gina Tessener into the New Hanover County Detention Center at approximately 12:44 a.m.

She was later released.

If this is the treatment for a 0.0 register, I wonder what you get for blowing a .9 in North Carolina? Keel-hauled or broken on the wheel?

Source: WRAL

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  1. AY,

    Took the night off… Turned off the computer… Had a lovely evening.

    re: Prison escapee knocks on wrong door near Forks… As you said, “…bad luck”… very bad luck… Thanks for posting it…

    “Russell was serving his fourth prison term since 1993 and had been transferred to the minimum security work camp just a day before he ran off, authorities said.

    His earliest release date was scheduled for March 2014 – but that could be about to change.

    It was the first escape from the Olympic Corrections Center since 2006.”

    Hmmm… Fourth prison term since 1993… If the article mentioned just how he escaped, I missed it… Maybe they could use him to figure out the flaws in their security system/s…

  2. How is this for bad luck…….

    Prison escapee knocks on wrong door near Forks

    FORKS, Wash. —
    An escaped convict was caught following a day on the loose after he knocked on the door of a cabin in the woods – only to find out the man renting the lodge was an off-duty guard at the prison he just fled.

    Authorities said 39-year-old James Edward Russell took off from the Olympic Corrections Center near Forks on Tuesday morning. Just after midnight early Wednesday, Russell – still wearing his prison uniform – went to the cabin, knocked on the door and asked to use the phone, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis.

  3. AY,

    A good healthy laugh on this end… Thanks… Yes, I’m surely guilty of something… I’ll admit it… whatever it is, but it’s nothing salacious… 🙂

  4. Ah ha…..

    You profess your innocence, so you therefore must be guilty…of what I am not sure….

  5. AN,

    True….I want to know what Text messages that were sent…I am being an Agent Provocateur…or is that just plain Voyeurism…But I still wanna know…..

  6. AY,

    One has to be ever so careful what one says around here… 😉

  7. Bud,

    What else is there to this story? Sounds salacious…

  8. While thousands were being sued for piracy a couple of years ago a North Carolina police officer was RECORDED discussing downloading music for free. The officer named the name Kazaa which has appeared in numerous lawsuits and talked about how the songs were arranged in groups and you choose the songs and just click and get them. He said it was the thing to do everybody was doing it. He bet his daughters had downloaded a THOUSAND SONGS on his computer. He said he had to get a new computer his old one FILLED UP WITH MEMORY. He laughed and said he hoped the federal government did not come in and investigate him.

    Shortly after this conversation we began reading the news articles people were being sued by RIAA and the FBI. They were calling piracy a crime of stealing and calling these people thieves. They were making serious verbal attacks against school and college students along with warnings being put in the schools of the consequences. The RIAA and the FBI on their websites encourage people to report piracy. The FBI Anti Piracy Warning says they investigate. At that time we reported the officer’s conversation as well as his name to the RIAA and the FBI. It was ignored. A few months ago we were still reading news article people still being sued. Three of these cases that stood out were Joel Tennenbaum, Jammie Thomas and Whitney Harper all having to pay outrageous monetary amounts. In other cases included a grandmother and also a 12 year old sued. Now feeling ignoring the officer’s conversation was unfair we began reporting the conversation to the RIAA the FBI the PD and several other anti piracy organizations along with the officer’s name asking why this was not investigated. Again it continues to be ignored. If piracy is a crime as the FBI the RIAA and others proclaim why was this conversation ignored. Considering piracy is being called a crime and the thousands of people that have been sued shouldn’t this conversation be investigated to see where the THOUSAND SONGS this officer talks about came from, who the everybody is that is doing this and if he or his daughters may have committed what RIAA, FBI and others are calling a crime. Ignoring this conversation seems to be an injustice to all the people that have been sued as well as to us as a citizen reporting it and it being ignored. How can they sue some and ignore a high ranking police officer discussing downloading music in this way. I feel this is wrong and don’t understand how this is allowed. The funny thing is this officer is married to a Christain School Teacher and her sister is a public middle school teacher.

    This same officer also RECORDED discussing a favor being asked. The officer said a local dentist had died while having sex in his office with a woman not his wife The brother who is an attorney in Raleigh NC phoned the PD asking to keep it quiet for the sake of the family. The officer said he started to tell him when you do something like this it is going to get around. Later the news paper printed the dentist’s wife was at the officer waiting to go for a walk definitely not the story the officer told.

  9. Let me be the first to defend Trooper Wyrick. The author failed to follow up with the rest of the story which can be found at wwaytv3 dot com. I won’t even address the remarks of idiocy against a law enforcement organization as a whole, much less an entire state. I’ll let the ignorant statements speak for themselves. Gene H. I hope you’re 13, because your comments have the same swagger as an adolescent prepubescent punk.

    There was video (link below) in the Wrightsville Beach Police Dept. that completely contradicted the Raleigh attorney’s account of what happened that night. Trooper Wyrick is back on duty after a thorough investigation. As per protocol, if someone refuses to do a field sobriety test, the trooper is required BY LAW to take them to the station for a blood test if the breath test is refused again. The trooper was within his rights because he smelled alcohol. That’s called probable cause, for the uninformed. If she would have accepted the breath test, she would have been on her way without this debacle.

    To let the media control your opinion on a matter and then to shift into a “burn the witch” mentality is a testament to what shallow thinkers we have become. I guess we should put these troopers in jail for swearing, right?

    Story and video:

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