North Carolina Woman Arrested After Blowing 0.0 On Test . . . Police Then Pull Over Lawyer Husband After He Follows Them To Jail

Two North Carolina State Highway Patrol officers, Senior Trooper Edward Wyrick and Trooper Andrew Smith, have been suspended pending investigation after Gina Tessener said she was arrested despite blowing a 0.0 on a breathalyzer test. She then alleges that the officers arranged to pull over her husband, attorney Hoyt Tessener, who followed his wife to the magistrate. Recently released exchanges between the officers show profanity and hostility in dealing with the couple.

The stop occurred on June 21st. Here are the messages between the officers:

– 12:03:51 a.m. (from Wyrick to Smith): “This woman refused all roadside testing, and blew .00. Her husband is a trial lawyer and told me I should be ashamed of myself.”

– 12:05:02 a.m. (from Smith to Wyrick): “Hahahaha f— her and f— him. She say how much she’d had to drink?”

– 12:07:13 a.m. (from Wyrick to Smith): “She said 1 drink at 7pm.”

– 12:07:30 a.m. message from Smith to Wyrick: “F—her.”

At around 12:15 am, Wyrick tells Gina Tessener he is taking her in to the magistrate’s office. While presumably on the way to the magistrate, the messages continue.


– 12:33:42 a.m. (from Wyrick to Smith): “HOW FAST”

– 12:33:59 a.m. (from Smith to Wyrick): “58”

Wyrick and Gina Tessener arrived at the magistrate’s office at 12:44 a.m.

Wyrick puts Gina Tessener into the New Hanover County Detention Center at approximately 12:44 a.m.

She was later released.

If this is the treatment for a 0.0 register, I wonder what you get for blowing a .9 in North Carolina? Keel-hauled or broken on the wheel?

Source: WRAL

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  1. Sounds to me like a common complaint against police officers. But one must remember that many of these people suffer from a little known job related disease, testosterone poisoning. But i hear a cure has been found.

  2. This isn’t the first time NC cops have arrested someone who wasn’t drunk.
    In North Carolina, if the cops want you in jail, you’re going to jail.
    If it’s a question of having evidence, the evidence will be manufactured.

  3. Spencer Wells, who has been an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic and who has led the Genographic Project, wrote about Neanderthals in his book “Pandora’s Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization.”

    From pages 101 & 102:
    “As I mentioned before, the Neanderthals and modern human lineages appear to have split from each other around 500,000 years ago, based on their levels of DNA divergence. Around this time, the ancestors of the Neanderthals, likely belonging to a species known as Homo heidelbergensis, left Africa and moved into Europe, while our ancestors stayed in Africa…For around 100,000 years they [Neanderthals] were the masters of the continent. Then we appeared on the scene starting with an African exodus between 60,000 and 50,000 years ago. We entered Europe around 35,000 years ago, and within a few thousand years of our appearance on the scene, the Neanderthals were extinct. The reasons are hotly debated, but a consensus is beginning to form.”


    Gene and Joeey,

    There is no mention in the book that any Neanderthals made their way to the New World or that any of their descendants became employees of the NC State Highway Patrol.


  4. Joey,

    Who knew such a small joke would be so controversial?

    Apology accepted.

    Plus, if one were to consider my initial statement as disparagement? It would not be disparagement of all citizens of North Carolina, but rather the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. I did stipulate that the the breeding population was hiding within their ranks, not the general populace. If I meant to disparage anyone, it was the NCSHP and these two jugheaded officers.


    Hey, if I can’t make fun of my own family, I can’t make fun of anyone else’s family. Where’s the fun in that? 🙂

  5. Finally, now I know why them mean, vicious little dawgs is called ‘pict bulls’

  6. I have Pict ancestors myself. Rome conquered the known world until they got to our territory, then were stymied. Hadrian had to build a wall to keep us out of the “civilized” world and to protect his troops.

  7. Lotta,

    Look at the Neanderthal entry. He’s right. Personally, I go for the separate species theory, but since there is evidence for interbreeding resulting in fertile off spring, that’s good evidence for the subspecies theory. On the other hand the lack of Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA in Modern humans suggests that there wasn’t wide spread male-human\female Neanderthal mating.

  8. Kderosa,

    They and we are distinct species in the same genus.

    Wiki knows all:

    “Humans (known taxonomically as Homo sapiens,[3][4] Latin for “wise man” or “knowing man”)[5] are the only living species in the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family.”

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Primates
    Family: Hominidae
    Tribe: Hominini
    Subtribe: Hominina
    Genus: Homo

    Type species

    Homo sapiens
    †Homo gautengensis
    †Homo habilis
    †Homo erectus
    †Homo antecessor
    †Homo ergaster
    †Homo heidelbergensis
    †Homo neanderthalensis
    †Homo floresiensis

  9. Gyges, I don’t disagree. But your comment did seem to suggest that the matter had been fully settled in a way that was the opposite of what Joeey had suggested in order to make a snarky point, i.e., suggesting that Joeey wasn’t so smart.

  10. Joeey, “Do the people on this site seriously think that every person in North Carolina is a neanderthal because two highway troopers over-stepped their authority and committed potential crimes?”

    Speaking for only myself, yes, and a marvelous thing it is too. I say that as a Neanderthal, at least a part Neanderthal and probably, as most persons of European decent (in the most broad meaning on the concept,) part large-brained hominid cousins as yet unknown. Unless you come from people that migrated from Africa less that about 20 thousand years ago and reproduced only within your own genotype, you are also. As is Gene.

    You can only pick your friends, you can’t pick family.

    Gene H. , you’re right for all the wrong reasons, stop bad-mouthing your family. 🙂

    4 page story, quotes below from the 4th page, if you follow the link the entire article is interesting:

    “Pääbo’s team is filling in the fossil record in formerly inconceivable ways. Last year they announced that modern humans outside Africa carry 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal genes. To reach this conclusion, Pääbo and his team spent years sequencing the complete genome of three Neanderthal bones from the Vindija Cave in Croatia and compared the results with the genomes of five modern humans from southern Africa, West Africa, Papua New Guinea, China, and Western Europe. They found that the Neanderthal genome shows more similarity with non-African modern humans throughout Europe and Asia than with African modern humans, suggesting that the gene flow between us and Neanderthals most likely occurred outside Africa as humans were en route to Europe, Asia, and New Guinea. […]

    This pattern of gene flow means humans and Neanderthals must have mated at some point. The notion of such interspecies trysts had long been only a theory. […]

    And there is more to the story. In what could be the biggest triumph of paleogenomics, Pääbo and his colleagues have just extracted another evolutionary secret from especially sparse fossil remains. In 2010 the team discovered a new kind of human, cousins to Neanderthals called Denisovans, by sequencing DNA from a 50,000-year-old pinkie finger found in a high-altitude Siberian cave in Denisova. Based on the genetic evidence, the Denisovans lived in Asia from about 400,000 to 50,000 years ago and also interbred with the ancestors of modern-day humans—in this case, ones living in Asia. “We were examining mitochondrial DNA [found within the energy factories of cells and transmitted only by the mother] from that pinkie finger to find out if it was from a Neanderthal,” Pääbo says. “Instead it turned out to be something completely different.” Subsequent sequencing of the nuclear genome 
followed, revealing that the pinkie came from a previously unknown hominid group, similar to Neanderthals, that migrated east toward Asia while Neanderthals migrated west. Modern humans in New Guinea still carry genomes with nearly 5 percent 
Denisovan DNA. […]

    There seemed to be two periods of interbreeding between modern and ancient humans (such as Neanderthals, perhaps Denisovans, and other large-brained hominid cousins).

    Those two periods of interbreeding occurred after humans left Africa—first about 60,000 years ago in the eastern Mediterranean, and more recently about 45,000 years ago in eastern Asia. Offspring from the first interbreeding went on to migrate to Europe, Asia, and North America. The second mating in eastern Asia further altered the genetic makeup of people in New Guinea and possibly Australia. The findings mean our species did not branch off from all the others as sharply and irrevocably as we like to think, Long says. “This is giving us a window on human evolution where we see that there were these periods of flux and ebbs and flows in our gene pool.”

  11. Joeey,

    I am an old man; therefore, I have learned—most often the hard way—to read the written word at least twice to ensure that I am not misreading or misinterpreting what the author actually wrote. Your apology demonstrates that you have that part of understanding down pat. Thanks.

  12. Joey:

    “Do the people on this site seriously think that every person in North Carolina is a neanderthal because two highway troopers over-stepped their authority and committed potential crimes? ”


    I’ll only think that way if the good folks of NC –like you — let these two “public servants” get away with this foolishness.

  13. KDE,

    At this point it’s largely a matter of who you ask. I don’t think the issue’s been decided or not.

  14. Joeey,

    We also love our ad homonyms and our ad synonyms and our ad antonyms.
    We love all kinds of words and phrases. In addition, we enjoy touches of sarcasm and irony–and a deft turn of phrase.

  15. Joeey,

    Gene H. wrote:

    “In a related story, National Geographic is reporting that anthropologists have recently discovered a breeding population of Neanderthals in North Carolina. They apparently survived their reported extinction during the Pleistocene by becoming employees of the NC State Highway Patrol.”

    He didn’t write that all people from North Carolina were Neanderthals. Neither did he write that all members of the State Highway Patrol were. Lighten up.

  16. @Joeey LaRusso, you will soon find that this group loves their ad hominems and name calling, especially if you deign to disagree with their groupthink.

  17. Actually, I believe that neanderthals are fully homo sapiens but a sub species, at best, of modern humans.

  18. Joeey,

    You should go re-read his comment. I think you’ll find that he just called the State troopers Neanderthals not the whole state. You’re over-reacting.

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