What Meth Would Jesus Choose? Florida “Officer of the Year” and Christian Blogger Arrested as Meth Dealer

In selecting Police Officer David Britto in 2010 as “Officer of the Year,” many cited his “uncanny knack” of tracking down drug dealers. It become less uncanny this week after he was arrested as a drug dealer of methamphetamine.

In addition to being Officer of the Year and a meth dealer, Britto, 28, allegedly occupied himself blogging about following the teachings of Jesus Christ on his site, blessedwarrior.com. The federal prosecutors allege Britto was involved in drug dealing in South Florida as early as June 2009 — leading up to his selection as Officer of the Year.

The Brazilian-born officer was described by a supervisor in 2010 as an officer with an “uncanny knack for detecting and seeking out illegal narcotics dealers.”

Boynton’s Police Chief Matthew Immler issued a statement:

“The alleged corruption of a police officer, especially one that by all accounts performed his duties admirably and with dedication, affects all of us in the Boynton Beach Police Department.”

Well, not by “all accounts.”

On June 20th, Britto wrote the following blog:

Sometimes we face challenges and are overcome by different obstacles in life. There are things that make us discouraged and are meant to take our happiness away. The hardest battle when that happens is not necessarily what happens to us but how we react to adversity. The biggest challenge for most of us is how we take every thought captive and then stay in control.

At the moment, both Britto and his thoughts are captive in the federal prison pending trial.

Source: Sun Sentinel

25 thoughts on “What Meth Would Jesus Choose? Florida “Officer of the Year” and Christian Blogger Arrested as Meth Dealer”

  1. Mutinda Kisio,

    Haven’t I received e mail from a relative of yours, who offered me a great business deal in un-recovered funds?

  2. Ekeyra beat me to it – the whole thing sounds like an episode of “Breaking Bad”. Hey, it will probably BE an episode of “Breaking Bad”.

  3. Mutinda Kisio (@YESUmob)

    Why Does God Test And Try Us?

    A. Because he likes to torture insignificant beings in the cosmos?
    B. Maybe he doesn’t really care and you are just imagining these tests and trials and desperately trying to make some sense of it?
    C. Maybe he’s not there after all?
    D. All of the above
    E. None of the above
    F. Your surmise

    I’ll take B.

  4. Why Does God Test And Try Us? http://bit.ly/ejZOlQ The Sign of trouble is a TRUE indication that one is chosen and is therefore underattack by Satan.

    Satan does NOT bother with those that are comfortably serving him or those who are just Christians, he is bothered with those that are making an impact for God.

    God wants to discover whether we serve Him because we love him or whether we serve Him for all the blessings He gives us.

    When God plans to enlarge and bless a minister or a church, He first takes them down into depths of discouragement into the quagmire of hopeless situation. He does it ‘….so you would never feel it was your own power and might that made you wealthy [great] [Deut 8:17].

    When God gives enlargement, pride often comes in and we think it is because of our own cleverness or gifts that we are enjoying such blessings. Because of God’s mercy to save us from pride, He allows very hard times prior to great enlargement and blessings.

    See “Why Does God Test And Try Us? http://bit.ly/ejZOlQ

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