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  1. I’m really tired of getting screwed out of everything under the guise of argument ‘for our future generations’. We all know that this is nothing but a thin veil that keeps us from seeing the CURRENT pigs at the RIGHT NOW trough.

  2. This has all been a Reality Show in the worst possible taste (as, in my opinion, are all Reality Shows). There was never going to be a winner or a loser for the financial plague that rose to the surface and engulfed the nation rages beyond the control of any human effort to stem its progress.

    Perhaps it is the Absurdist in me, though I left Camus behind a long time ago, that views solving this financial mess as logically possible, but humanly impossible given the quality of our leadership in both parties.

  3. The hallmark of True Believer Authoritarian types is a conga line follow the leader mentality…ask Jim Jones, ask Pol Pot, Dick Army or the Grover grovelers.

  4. The mark of the truly confused is to win an improbable victory and declare defeat. This is the Teabagger problem, they follow a leadership, but don’t really understand what their leadership stands for.

  5. This deal reduces nothing! The republicans again caved in and gave the American public a red haring. This deal increases our Debt to 17 trillion without adding in Unemployment and food stamps cost coming up in the next 3 months. Which will add 800 Billion more to the debt! We only bring in 14 trillion in GDP, So how the hell do you pay it off. I’ll tell you, we don’t! They gave us triggers, more committees down the road. Which the next Congress does not have to follow or even implement. These people need to be hung for treason for letting it get this far to start with!

    We have gone from 8 trillion in debt, to 17 trillion in 4 years! We need to get lawyers out of Government cause they can’t stop passing bill’s that cost trillions to pay for. I think 10% can actually understand financial Statements in Congress. The rest are ignorant or just plan stupid and need to find a new profession. Cause the one they have now is putting the burden on the public to pay for! I have had enough of these political pundits that can’t even control them self and its time they leave now. Before the public finds out what they did to us over the last 20 years!

  6. Nal,

    If you mean me rather than Mike A., I’ve had my say. Thanks Culheath. AY
    I like your idea it could then make for debates of mythic proportions.

  7. The message for 2012: TAKE BACK THE HOUSE, and in the Senate, KILL THE FILIBUSTER. If Obama is going to lead from behind, we want him negotiating with Democrats only. There have been times in the nation’s history when leadership came from Congress and I think that’s needed now.

    We have no choice but to back the President for re-election in 2012; the Republican alternative will be far worse. But if a strong Progressive Democrat Congressman/woman were to lead a successful campaign to TAKE BACK THE HOUSE, and thereby earn the right to the Speakership, she/he could become a leader able to push policy and Obama in the right (left) direction. Someone get the message to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  8. Mike,

    If you want to make your comment into a new thread, I’ll close the comments on this thread.

    If any of the GBs want to create a new thread regarding the debt ceiling, I’ll close the comments here.

    I didn’t mean to preempt any new threads on this topic.

  9. As a liberal, I think this deal falls far short of what I had hoped we would get.
    For starters, the Tea Party was succsseful in tying the defecit to the debt
    crisis. This should never have happened, they are two separate issues.
    And to have revenue not be a part of the final deal means ordinary citizens are stiil paying a higher percentage of their income on taxes then are
    corporations and the rich. The income gap will continue to grow. There
    are some bright spots however, if the super comission can accomplish tax
    reform and coupled with the exparation of the Bush tax cuts – this deal
    might turn out to be not as bad as what it looks right now. One other thing,
    I’m glad we won’t be debating the debt ceiling again next year.

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  11. A Pyrrhic victory was had by all. For Teabaggers, those stupid Dick Armey shills, there is the frisson of a temporary victory that only further harms the country and ensures their resounding defeat in 2012. For the President there is the guarantee of a victory in 2012, but loss of the support of his base and a terrible undermining of his ability to use the bully pulpit. For the faux conservatives, in corporate Pockets, it is a victory driven by the insane which pushes them closer to the brink of radical catastrophe. For the Liberals and Progressives it is the sad, grim satisfaction that a crisis has been avoided by their President’s having undermined his credibility with them and gone against basic principles.

    The election of 2012 is over and done with at this disappointing point. By playing chicken with the country’s fiscal stability the Teabaggers have scared the hell out of a majority of the electorate. You see it’s not just old timers like me who depend on Social Security and Medicaire, but it is a grave concern of our children, who through it are relieved of the burden of how to get us the support and care we need. To wit, a majority of the American people. They have taken their ridiculous movement, a paper tiger bolstered by the monied backers of Dick Armey and won a victory that they will take credit for, but in the process scared the hell out of the people. Good luck with their reelection rhetoric.

    President Obama will win in 2012 with the reluctant support of a majority of Americans, who personally find him likable, but also believe that he is a weak leader domestically. They will hold their noses and vote for him simply because there is no one in Republican ranks to galvanize their faith. Any who might have a chance, have to veer too far left of center to gain the confidence of the majority. The only currently Republican viable candidate is Mitt Romney, who must abandon his more moderate (only in context of today’s politics) beliefs to get teabagger support. The rest are far too crazy to be viable or electable. Romney, curiously considering his All American good looks, is a highly non-charismatic figure that ultimately bores.

    To say that I am extremely disappointed in the President would be a massive understatement. In his rush towards the non-existent concept of bi-partisanship he has failed to make the case for essential core beliefs. This allows those who oppose them to further continue their regimen of lies and deflections away from our nation’s true problem which is the stifling of entrepreneurial innovations by a complacent corporate oligarchy. My choice will be to work for either a viable third party, or for a primary challenge to Mr. Obama. Should that fail I would have to vote for him, because the opposition is either authoritarian, greedy, stupid and/or insane. A terrible time for this country.

  12. kderosa,

    Come on, you can do better than that … however, I appreciate the reticence 🙂

  13. So how’s the history teaching the in USofA?

    What would the general population know of the French or Russian Revolutions and how to get one started?

    What’s the matter with you wimps; take the stolen wealth of your nation back.

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