The Islamically Correct Way To Wear a Bomb? Karzai Asks Clerics To Discourage Use of Turban Bombs

Remember the worldwide violence over a cartoon showing Muhammad with a bomb in his turban? Well, Afghan President Hamid Karzai met recently the country’s religious leaders to ask them to kindly ask militants to stop hiding bombs in turbans and other religious garments. It is a curious appeal since one would have thought the clerics could go a little further and say that hiding bombs in terrorist acts anywhere is immoral.

There appears to be a rash of attacks by militants hiding explosives in their turbans. In two recent attacks, the military grabbed their targets before detonating their turban bombs. It is considered offensive for anyone to touch the turban of a Muslim man — making it an ideal hiding spot. Insurgents have also used burqas to hide explosives for the same reasons.

Hamed Elmi, a spokesperson for the president, explained that “President Karzai believes the clerics have a lot of influence over Afghan society” and the use of the turban “dishonour Afghan society and the Afghan people in the eyes of the world.” Where to begin? It appears that the clerics have influence over the terrorists but are asked to simply specify better places to hide bombs as an Islamic matter. Then there is the curious point of dishonoring Afghan society with the use of a turban for a bomb. Is the opposite true that you honor Afghan society with the use of a vest? Sounds more like a terrorist fashion show than a morality lesson.

It is unclear how successful the clerics will be in the Islamically correct way to wear a bomb. Considering the fact that these people are killing innocent people by the dozens, throwing acids in the faces of school girls, and burning schools, their misunderstanding of moral codes appear far more profound than a lack of respect for religious garments.

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  1. MetroCowboy, you’re absolutely right on that one. I just meant that being proud of your country doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be supportive of such really dumb decisions as staying in Afghanistan, or having bases all over the world (why are we still in Germany again?). There’s so much waste we could cut out of the budget, but we never seem to do it — mainly due to the military industrial complex and corporate interests.

    I keep looking back at when Clinton left after his eight years, with a five trillion deficit that was finally going down, a balanced budget, and money to spare. God, how things have plummeted since.

  2. California Scribe your right it’s wonderful to be proud of your country and your also right many other peoples think their countries are the best…heck the Egyptians did, the Romans did, the Spanish did, the French did and the British did, the problem is that never and I mean never has that power lasted because most of those countries forgot that what goes up must come down. and its going to happen again as much as I hate to say it….As every historian worth his/her salt will tell you those you ignore history are doomed to repeat it…An we are working real hard at making the same mistakes as most of the previous Empires.

  3. just think how much fun a tsa patdown will be if terrorists ever try using a rectal suppository bomb.

  4. Personally, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with being proud of your country, or even thinking that it’s the “best” (plenty of other people in their own nations hold the same belief). But terrible policy is still terrible policy. The cost of Afghanistan alone is horrendous. If the jackals in Congress had any sense, we’d get out of there.

    But hey, at least we cut five million annually to get rid of high school pages in the House, right? *groan*

    Not that we should think about the billions of U.S. money that mysteriously vanished in Iraq, or disappeared into Karzai’s corrupt government. And this is the guy telling terrorists to politely put their bombs elsewhere when they blow people up.

    Oy vey.

  5. What the hell, why should we expect a different outcome…we are told from our earliest years that America is the greatest country on earth…more even we are the greatest country that ever was…so why wouldnt we believe that? Our friends told us that ,our familys told us that, our teachers from the earlyest grades told us that, and our officials told us that…so since we are the be all and end all in nations its our right to tell the lesser nations what to do..Now we have the Imperial American presence everywhere…that is why we cant leave even if it destroys us….

  6. Like Rafflaw said: “With this kind of logic from the the government of Afghanistan, tell me again why we are still there?”
    It only took the Soviets nine (9) years of mucking around in Afghanistan before they left.

  7. Another quick thought, and I might get rapped in the chin for saying this, but the whole concept of nation building in the Middle East and North Africa is ridiculous. The Islamic world is almost diametrically opposed to everything that we hold dear in the west (freedom of speech, religion, equal rights under the same law, etc). Going over there to “win hearts and minds” or bringing them in mass immigration to the west is just a recipe for disaster.

    That being said, I keep hoping for some kind of religious enlightenment in that part of the world. Some Muslim women have even attempted protesting their treatment in Afghanistan and elsewhere. But Otteray Scribe’s Muslim friend may be correct. It’s a tribal culture that may never change or advance past a certain point, which is tragic.

  8. Wasn’t the whole point (or so we were told) of going into Afghanistan to kill or capture Bin Laden?

    The Navy Seals did that (before thirty of their team got shot down by the Taliban). We need to get out before the United States ends up like the Soviets did in that region.

  9. This is a country that was unstable 1000 yrs ago, 500 yrs ago ,100 yrs ago, 50 yrs ago, it was unstable before we got there, its unstable with us there, it will be unstable after we leave, and if history tells us anything it will be unstable for many many yrs to come….

    We cannot help them, they cannot help themselves it is a waste of our time and material and lives trying to get these warlike tribes to come together and form anything remotely resembling a cohesive govt….We need to get out not tomorrow but today right now before another American dies.

  10. I used to carry my bombs inside basketballs. But after losing several legs by inadvertently dribbling the ball, I don’t do that anymore.

  11. Sadly Bush took us into a war that is unwinnable. I don;t beleive you can just leave en masse. We helped further destabilize the country. We have a responsibility. Bush should have never gotten us into this war but President Obama should not take us out completely however I am getting tired of timelines for going home being expanded.
    Carol Jay Levy

  12. Like Rafferty said. Why are we still there? It is time to bring them home. Way past time. If these are our ‘friends’ who needs enemies?

    I have a Muslim acquaintance. He is a doctor, a psychiatrist, and is a really smart guy. He observed one day that they have been fighting over there for the past two or three thousand years, and there is nothing at all we can ever hope to do to change the tribal culture. They fight all foreigners, and if there are no foreigners to fight, they fight among themselves. As my friend says, it is their way of life.

  13. Well at least Turban Bombs reduce the risk of a Radical Islamic Zombie Army.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that movie (O.k. so it was Nazis, or gang members, or Cattle rustlers, or Hippies, or cattle, or…)

  14. Insurgents have also used burqas to hide explosives for the same reasons……

    I wondered how long that would take….I bet there are some explosive in some of those burqas….I just bet there is….

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