Sunday in Paris With Eric

Here is our picture of the week from our erstwhile colleague in the City of Light, Eric Tenin.

Here is Eric’s description:

Peaceful, lovely, charming… No need to pick one of these adjectives, they all apply. Like you can see the sun has returned over Paris and it helps shooting beautiful photos (easy ones too, I agree!). I won’t add much except that the first brigdge you can see is Le pont des arts and that it is rare when the Seine is that calm. Simply gorgeous!

Eric Tenin is the co-founder and CEO of, a mobile polling platform, but he is also a true Parisian (born and raised there). Since 2005, he’s been taking a photo of his home town every single day, to feed his (PDP) blog. Since the launch of PDP, thousands of other cities have joined his community, sharing their cities from a local view. One of his pictures is featured each Sunday on the Turley blog.

12 thoughts on “Sunday in Paris With Eric”

  1. puzzling, Thanks for the full screen view… and “yes” to a moment of piece and the Pinot Noir… I’ll probably skip the Galois… 🙂

  2. It’s not ever happening, but I can imagine myself watching that scene, smoking a Galois and sipping some Pinot Noir.

  3. Such beauty and depth….a charmer…would like to have it turned into oil or a production on canvas with a matte finish…

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