Anti-Gay State Senator Resigns In Nude Photo Scandal in Puerto Rico

We have yet another politician who has resigned in the wake of the disclosure of Weineresque photos of himself. Puerto Rico Sen. Roberto Arango (Republican, San Juan) posted explicit photos of himself on what has been described as “an iPhone application for gays and bisexuals.” What makes this particularly notable is that Arango has a history of strong anti-homosexual politics.

Arango originally said that the photos were simply his effort to record his weight loss. He was chairman of a business council for the national Republican Party and municipal director of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico as well as vice-chair for George W. Bush’s 2004 Puerto Rico campaign. In addition to opposing same-sex marriage, he is reported to have worked to block a ban on sexual discrimination in the workplace.

Source: Yahoo

24 thoughts on “Anti-Gay State Senator Resigns In Nude Photo Scandal in Puerto Rico”

  1. i don’t think weiner deserves the comparison. one of the photos of this man is him on all fours with his ass cheeks prominently spread. at least weiner wasn’t so crass… and had a much better body

  2. Lapel Ribbon:

    “Long Standing Member,
    Business Council For The
    National Republican Party”

  3. “effort to record his weight loss” is not the first recent euphemism for gay hookup, before that was “lift my luggage” (George Alan Rekers, anti-gay activist, when caught with traveling rent boi) and before that was “I have a wide stance” (Larry Craig, R-MT when caught sending morse code messages in an airport bathroom stall).

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