College Student in Kentucky Banned From Campus For “Planking”

Bowling Green resident Tyler Webster has paid a high price for “planking” — the act of lying flat on your stomach in unconventional places. Western Kentucky University has banned him from campus after his planking antics appeared on the Internet.

Webster, 18 was to be a freshman at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green this year but received the letter banning him instead. The school found out that Webster and his friend Joshua Lindsey, 17, run, a sort of social networking Web site for plankers.

WKU chief of staff and general counsel Deborah Wilkins said that it was less the planking as the stickers that he would place around saying “This spot has been planked.” She insisted that the stickers constitute property damage on walls and art. However, Webster insists that the stickers come off and cause no permanent damage.

The action here strikes me as a bit harsh when a warning might do. With all of the really horrible stuff threatening our cities and campuses, planking seems pretty tame in comparison. Moreover, the site is pretty impressive endeavor for a freshman in terms of its graphics and associated Facebook site. Besides he probably has the best posture of any freshman on campus.

UPDATE: The school later rescinded the ban as an over-reaction.

Source: Kentucky

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  1. Planking is fcking retarded. If i ever came across someone planking, i’d run up and kick them in the face.

  2. oh man i spit apple juice all over my monitor and keyboard laughing at all of you. im sure my neighbors now truly believe im crazier then they originally thought. im known as the woman who gets very vocal about over reactions like the above. but today i was laughing to hard to even attempt it.

    thank you all for the laugh

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