College Student in Kentucky Banned From Campus For “Planking”

Bowling Green resident Tyler Webster has paid a high price for “planking” — the act of lying flat on your stomach in unconventional places. Western Kentucky University has banned him from campus after his planking antics appeared on the Internet.

Webster, 18 was to be a freshman at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green this year but received the letter banning him instead. The school found out that Webster and his friend Joshua Lindsey, 17, run, a sort of social networking Web site for plankers.

WKU chief of staff and general counsel Deborah Wilkins said that it was less the planking as the stickers that he would place around saying “This spot has been planked.” She insisted that the stickers constitute property damage on walls and art. However, Webster insists that the stickers come off and cause no permanent damage.

The action here strikes me as a bit harsh when a warning might do. With all of the really horrible stuff threatening our cities and campuses, planking seems pretty tame in comparison. Moreover, the site is pretty impressive endeavor for a freshman in terms of its graphics and associated Facebook site. Besides he probably has the best posture of any freshman on campus.

UPDATE: The school later rescinded the ban as an over-reaction.

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23 thoughts on “College Student in Kentucky Banned From Campus For “Planking””

  1. I think these people forget what it was like to be 18. Overreaction indeed. Good thing these fools came to their senses.

  2. if we could combine the 70’s fad of streaking with this new fad of planking we could have a lot more bike racks.

  3. rafflaw
    1, September 1, 2011 at 2:24 pm
    This is much ado about nothing. If there is no damage what is the problem?
    Particularly on college campuses, stickers (promoting bands, clothing brands, etc.) are probably more of a maintenance concern than spray paint or marker tagging/graffiti. No sarcasm here – I really do think that the school was pissed off about the stickers, not the posed photos online.

    If this kid had used a marker of some sort and written out “This spot has been planked” all over the campus, I think most readers here would see it from the perspective that tagging up a campus is good reason to not admit a potential student (or to expel a current student), even if it was some sort of semi-washable pen.

  4. good they caught that naughty lil subversive quick before he graduated and became an even BIGGER danger to society….

    (I think those great minds may have misread one of those stickers and thought it said Pranked….)

  5. The title should be “Western Kentucky University student”. Bowling Green the school is in Ohio. planking sounds less enforcement worthy than say streaking and even likely to have any meaningful effect on the academic environment. Clearly, some administrator has time on their hands, which is not unusual. After defending my dissertation an associate dean for the grad school called me (long distance, an expense of consequence then) and threatened to prevent me from getting a diploma because of my typeface.

  6. @rcampbell

    You’re a little late, mate. Planking is well known and very popular right now and this kid certainly didn’t invent the sport(?). I even saw photos of kids planking the London riots a few weeks ago.

    Plank for peace.

  7. Planking is the first step on the downward path of societal degradation and destruction. I am shocked that he was let off with such a minor penalty.

  8. Say what….Do you have a Raft for that they can occupy the idle…. minds….

  9. I’d say it’s a case of far too much ado about absolutely nothing. This “planking” appears to serve no social or politcal or artistic aim that requires no intelligence or talent. My guess is they have to leave their poster behind because otherwise no one sees them or cares what they’re doing. I seriously doubt this will catch on at other universities or cities as it’s just goofy.

    The school would have been far wiser to ignore this and it die a natural death from indifference rather than elevating a waste of time and the guys’ website into an internet curiosity. Thanks to the college’s overreaction, these guys will somehow find a way to turn this into making some money. Heck, they could have their own reality show by next Tuesday.

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