On Deadly Ground: Steven Seagal Bags Puppy and Busts Jesus

We have been following the alliance of one of the world’s worst actor (Steven Seagal)with one of the world’s most abusive sheriffs (Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio). Seagal has been riding around in a tank supplied by Arpaio and raiding the home of citizens as part of a reality show — effectively turning Arizona citizens in extras and police personnel into cast members for his egocentric show, “Steven Seagal Lawman.” The recent assault with tanks and SWAT members of a ranch suspected of cockfighting attracted our attention since it was launched with roughly equal forces as the Normandy invasion with Seagal leading the way in his county-supplied tank like an over-stuffed George Patton. Now, Jesus Sanchez Llovera is taking the first steps toward a lawsuit.

Llovera insists that he raised show roosters and was not involved in cockfighting. He was a bit surprised when Seagal appeared at his ranch in his tank, rammed it through his gate, and led a force of the heavily armed MCSO Tactical Operations Unit in full riot gear on to his property. The invading force proceeded to shoot his 11-month old puppy and kill more than 100 roosters, according to his notice of a claim for $100,000 in damages and a “formal written apology” to his children from Seagal “for the death of their 11-month old puppy, a beloved family pet.” (I couldn’t fine a picture of the actual puppy so I picked the cutest thing I could find above).

If a suit emerges, Seagal will be able to bum a ride with Arpaio to court since the sheriff is facing a litany of lawsuits and federal investigations for his abusive use of his office. None of this appears to register with Arpaio or more importantly the voters of Maricopa County, of course. I am just waiting for Arpaio to enlist Lucha libre wrestlers for a reality show as truancy officers and Mel Gibson as a community affairs officer.

Source: TMZ

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  1. mespo,

    I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to come to Steven Seagal’s defense here. Don’t get me wrong. I most certainly think Seagal is a total tool and I wouldn’t invite him over for dinner, but his statement is not inaccurate as far as martial arts go. Aikido is not a form where strength is the critical factor as it is all based on leverage and center of gravity. It’s what is known as a “soft” martial art, much like Judo, where the primary techniques are redirecting your opponent’s force – usually toward the ground or against an object where you can pin and control them. Contrast this to a “hard” martial art like kickboxing or karate where force is countered with force – usually with the goal of disrupting the attack and/or breaking something (a technique that naturally requires more strength). Seagal may be a jackass, but he’s a technically correct jackass in that clip.

  2. Here’s some vintage Segal taking on another scary opponent. He glibly tells us — with no sense of irony– that he “doesn’t need strength.” Against a twelve year old?

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