The President Has Been Afraid of What?

Submitted by: Mike Spindell, guest blogger

As someone who voted for and rejoiced in Barack Obama’s election in 2008, I had certain expectations for his Presidency. My expectations heightened with the Democratic party’s majorities in Congress. Foremost I wanted to see a swift end to both wars, which I believe are unjust and draining the resources of this country. Since Obama was presumably a constitutional law scholar, I expected that he would return this country to the Rule of Law. I expected the new President to eliminate the Bush constitutional usurpation of our government and people, occurring with Democratic Party compliance. The Administration would end the widespread use of torture, rendition, and the excesses of The Patriot Act. His Department Of Justice would prosecute those who were responsible. As far as the economic crisis engendered by Wall Street excesses, I had faith that he would deal with it through FDR like projects, by re-regulation/prosecution of the financial industry and ending the unjustified Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy.

 That none of this has happened, or was even attempted has filled me with disappointment and anger towards this Administration’s performance. In my mind as I tried to make sense of it of this betrayal, there was a nagging suspicion. What if the “powers that be” in our Country including the Military-Industrial complex had sent the word to the newly elected President: “Play ball”, or find yourself and your family grievously threatened? I was a young adult through the 60’s as I watched the assassinations of my heroes, one of whom was a President. I’m not  comfortable with the official explanation of these deaths, since there was much that didn’t make sense. In the 70’s The Pentagon Papers, Watergate, and later the Church Committee Report on the CIA gave credence to the possible actions of a secret government. In addition, we learned from General Smedley-Butler,  that a group of businessmen had contacted him in 1934 about leading a coup against FDR. One of those conspirators was Prescott Bush, father of Bush I and grandfather of Bush II. Later, Prescott Bush was involved in a Bank that had financed the NAZI’s rise to power.

On September 7th, Rob Kall’s OpEdNews published “Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes”.  Andrew Kreig, executive director of the Justice Integrity Project, wrote this article. There are some very persuasive points in it and I believe it is worth your perusal and comment:

If this speculation were true, it would go a long way towards explaining what we’ve been seeing from the Obama Administration. It would also be a disaster for any notion of the Rule of Law. 

This Administration has performed timidly in areas promised by their campaign and enumerated above. Their performance on even something like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was timid and drawn out compared to the President’s campaign promises and its’ eventual resolution was a tortured process, to say the least. The easiest explanation of course is a timid Presidency and that as smart as he is, Barack Obama lacks the ability to lead with strength. This is indeed the simplest solution and “behind the scenes” threats are not needed to offer further explanation. However, I must admit that doesn’t fully satisfy me. Any man who runs for President is essentially audaciously self-confident. Who in hell would really want such a 24/7 high tension job, except for people who so believe in themselves that they are willing to go through the torture of a Presidential Campaign to get there? The “audaciousness of hope” had to possess some strong power behind it in the man out front.

Please understand that I am not yet willing to believe absolutely that our Government is so completely in the hands of a centralized power that our elected officials mean nothing. While having seen much in life that stimulates my cynical nature, I remain an optimist as a matter of mental health. The hubris needed to propound and continue such an ongoing plot would be massive. The logistics are enormous in terms of maintaining secrecy. I know too much of human fallibility to fully believe this could be executed completely, without consequence or rumor, yet there are those many strange assassinations to ponder.  

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of  America’s 9/11 tragedy. Our reaction to it as a country in that decade makes me feel at times that Al Qaeda triumphed by swerving our country away from its’ ideals and constitution. What then if this speculation is true and certain people with power have used the fear engendered to resort to illegal pressure upon our President? What can we do about it?

My own belief is that without ignoring it, we must proceed as if it isn’t true and to continue to fight for the ideals and Constitution we hold sacred. I believe that violent revolution never works and only begets new tyrants. However, revolutions don’t have to be violent to succeed, as Gandhi showed us and as Reverend King proved. Revolution can be as simple as a majority of the people refusing to buy into the mythology tyranny presents to maintain control over us. Tyranny needs acceptance of its faulty premises and fear via intimidation to work its will. Educating most people in what is occurring and how they are deceived represents a powerful force. Professor Turley in his legal Career has consistently fought against evils like torture and against the extra-constitutional actions of chief executives and legislators. These legal battles are an example of fighting back and are educational as well. I will never accept that the battle is over and that we have become a feudal, corporate-controlled country. However, I fully realize that my own proffered solutions are more hopeful than concrete

What do you, the reader, think about this news story? Do you find it credible? If it is creditable, what do you propose we can or should do about it?

 Submitted by: Mike Spindell

83 thoughts on “The President Has Been Afraid of What?”

  1. The President either is to weak or has been bought. Explain how he isn’t going after the Senators and Congressmen of BOTH parties that have done insider deals. How come Goldman Sachs has not be touched…?The SEC punishments where the they are maintain their innocent don’t count. They are a slap on the wrist…the price of doing business raping America. Janine Diamond is still free after heading a bank that has taken the homes of thousands of active duty service men and women. Not one federal prosecution. NOT one!

    How come the medical plan uses insurance companies with a15-20% loos ration when Medicare has a loss ratio of 8%. How is that affordable? The big Lie is the insurance companies are not an efficient delivery system. The sole plan similar in Europe is a non-profit insurance plan. Most European plans are government run at lower cost.

    How about Libya? No congressional approval! No budget Just like BUSH! How come he has gotten the terrorist who did the Lockerbie Pan Am bombing? Isn’t justice for slaughtered Americans an agenda item for the Obama Whitehouse? No it isn’t They big dogs have the Secret Service and private body guards The average citizen depends on the who to provide then justice after being blown out of the sky. Why are our livers so cheap to pour leaders

    When will KSM be tried and executed?

    The president is all about PR and atmospherics and has no use for real reform of substance. He has never passed a budget. The basic planning tool of government. Don’t blame the Republicans for 2009 and 2010. He had a majority until he lost the Ted Kennedy seat…

    As an aside, why does President Obama bow and kiss the Saudi King. A man who rules with no popular mandate. Who kills witches..yes, you read that right, witches in the 21 st century, He publicly wipes persons and jails women who drive. Nice foreign relations! How about Syria, Mr. President, If you went into Libya, why not Syria. No balls? But it was OK for Libya ..Can you explain why one is OK and the second isn’t OK

    Democracy with the blessing of Big Business! A $1 billion presidency! They are all sell outs.

  2. Surely Obama must have known the job was dangerous when he took it. It’s a poor excuse for not sticking to the mandate for change the country gave him when we elected him. Abraham Lincoln didn’t let it stop him, yes we had a civil war, but we ended slavery. It’s about time people in the country got organized and forced the government to our will, to represent the people, not the special interests of banks, corporations, etc.

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