Bachmann Attacks Perry For Giving Girls Anti-Cancer Vaccine . . . And Retardation

We have been following what Jon Huntsman called the war on science in the GOP. Now Rep. Michele Bachmann has added to the attacks on global warming, evolution, environmental protections, and other scientific work with a claim that the leading anti-cancer vaccine given to little girls causes retardation. Experts responded with alarm that Bachmann’s comments could discourage families from giving children the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

During the last debate with Texas governor Rick Perry, Bachmann lashed him for his 2007 order to vaccinate young girls when “little girls . . . have a potentially dangerous reaction to this drug.” She explained part of her scientific research for this remarkable claim:

I had a mother last night come up to me here in Tampa after the debate. She told me that her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter. It can have very dangerous side effects.

While more than 35 million doses have been administered without such reports of dangers, Bachmann has triggered a debate over its safety. It could be a very damaging political attack if young girls are made more vulnerable to cancer.

Source: Guardian

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  1. C. Kook,

    “Two appeals, both related to a psychologist’s testimony that black people were more likely to commit violence, were before the court. One was granted; the other was denied.”

    Makes you wonder where the mind goes at times….FYI….Dewhurst..the Lt Gov made the decision to stay the execution…Perry not in the state…

  2. Ben:

    Sometimes I descend to the competition. My apologies to Robert and dumbasses everywhere.

  3. Rafflaw said, “Walker is dirty and it will bite him on the backside!”

    I think the best we can hope for is that it will bite his underling’s backsides.

  4. Thank you Blouise, that is indeed interesting, helpful, and valuable information.

    I’ve never had a pap smear or mammogram, even with my bitch tits, but I’m at the age where I’m supposed to get that other annual exam, and I’ve been avoiding that one. Moon river. … So I can understand women, especially teens avoiding pap smears.

  5. non-robert,

    What actually happens if HPV is detected in a pap smear and it is determined that abnormal cells, the type that lead to cancer, are growing, is surgical removal, cutting the cells out with a scalpel.
    Surgical removal may cure the problem in a single visit. However, this procedure weakens the cervix and could impact future pregnancies and the ability to carry to term. All other treatments have a 70-85% clearance rate, including warts. (Obtained this info from the neighbor down the street who is a gynecologist)

    She has treated more teenagers than she cares to mention and highly recommends the vaccine. However, even with the vaccine, regular pap smears are needed as the vaccine does not protect against all HPV cancer producing virus.

    Teenagers are not prone to getting pap smears and since the HPV virus produces no symptoms, many of her patients who don’t use proscribed birth control (which requires pap smears for prescription renewal) have advanced HPV infections by the time she sees them. Very bad news for them.

  6. Robert,

    “My apologies for oppressing you with the soft bigotry of moderate expectations.’

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, kd, but I don’t feel the least bit oppressed.


  7. Elaine M.,

    I do apologize, I didn’t realize I had expected so much from you. I had thought you would be able to track from a google search of circumcision cervical cancer to the five studies detailed in the first four results.

    My apologies for oppressing you with the soft bigotry of moderate expectations.

    @Blouse, I want to genuinely thank you because you’re absolutely correct, screening with Pap smears is still considered (to the best of my knowledge) the number one way to stop cervical cancer by detecting pre-cancerous lesions. And in fact, even if you have a gardasil vaccination, women still absolutely need that annual pap smear to detect lesions from HPV strains not addressed by gardasil, or to detect lesions from infection prior to gardasil vaccination.

    In fact, it seems that since Pap smears are so highly effective, and still so necessary, that HPV Vaccination is really not that useful.

    Certainly we can all get behind public funding of Pap smears and making circumcision mandatory.

    I honestly think there should be RVs constructed like bloodmobiles that should make pap smears available to the poor, to students, to native americans, to mall rats, bikini beach babes, etc.

    Or, and call me crazy, but integrated into TSA procedures.

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