FBI Raids Home Of CBS Correspondent By Mistake

CBS News correspondent Priya David and her husband Alex Clemens got a look at a news story in progress from a unique angle this week — the FBI mistakenly raided their home with eight heavily armed and armored officers. They had the wrong family and appeared to dial down a bit when they were told that the woman upstairs nursing a baby was a CBS correspondent.

The police arrived at 7 a.m. and pointed guns at the family while trying to cuff Clemens. He finally got them to listen that they were probably after the family that moved across the street months ago.

The most interesting thing about this raid was the listed crime: marijuana. While many are arguing for the legalization of pot, the feds and local police continue to conduct major raids targeting marijuana.

In defense of the police, it is often hard for the police to learn of a move of this kind. I can only imagine the response of the family across the street as they watched the FBI raid the wrong house.

Source: San Francisco CBS

19 thoughts on “FBI Raids Home Of CBS Correspondent By Mistake”

  1. “We told them that we thought they were looking for the people who lived here about three months ago, who had sold us the house and then moved across the street.”……

    Hmmm….What would I do?

  2. If they had been common folk instead of media-connected the police wouldn’t have been nearly as ‘apologetic’. The husband sees the warrant is for weed (from the linked article) and rolls on the people across the street unbidden? What a pussy.

  3. Sad… the post leaves out the money line from the actual article itself.

    The husband says something along the lines of ‘My wife is a CBS news reporter’ and all of a sudden all the guns go right back in their holsters.

    Must be nice being a protected class.

  4. Blouise,

    a good suggestion, but i think our new armed nobility (of the lesser rank) would think it demeaning. A marijuana bust, 8 cops, really?

  5. Blouise: I like the way you think.

    On point, the family involved is lucky they only got cuffed. Too many innocent victims of police error get shot.

  6. All law enforcement personnel must serve a 6 week training course as a pizza delivery boy/girl.

  7. At least they did not fill everyone with lead as they did in Arizona during a mistaken address raid. ( Iraq war veteran to boot)

    Of course this never happens

  8. That’s no excuse…We are starting to see some pretty outrageous, almost Hitlerian mentality at every level of law enforcement.

    Perhaps they need less high tech gadgetry, until they learn the old style basics of law enforcement. It’s like using a calculator to teach a 1st grader math, then taking it away when you give them a math test.

    What ever happened to stakeouts, or basic confirmation surveillance, or just a plain old picture. How on earth can you justify swat teaming a home to arrest someone, without even having a clue as to what that someone even looks like?

    This is the same thing that lead to the death of a 7 year old child in Detroit, A innocent war veteran ripped to shreds in a hail of gunfire in is own home, and countless other acts of deadly incompetence.

    Thank goodness she didn’t have a little terrorist Chihuahua, they are always the first to get offed in these Roid Raids.

    How many more innocent people and pets have to die before we stop making excuses for these inexcusable acts, and start prosecuting those responsible for them.

    Last time I checked, there’s no such thing as oops immunity.

    If I get oopsied, I want to come back as an Illegal Alien, at least then I’ll have some court ordered constitutional protection.

  9. jimm,

    That’s what happens when police are allowed to set their own priorities at all rather than society set their priorities for them. Rationalizing the militarization of the police is what they’ve sworn to protect. Who they serve is clearly themselves.

  10. “In defense of the police, it is often hard for the police to learn of a move of this kind.”

    It must also be hard for the police to make sure they have the correct address.

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