City Lights Repossessed For Failure To Pay Utility Bills

You know the economy is in a free fall when repo men are taking away city property for failing to make their bills. That was the scene this week when DTE Energy officials ordered the repossession of street lights from the city of Highland Park due to overdue bills.

Streets were left in almost complete darkness, which led some owners to say that there promptly burglarized.
However, Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp insists that “I had the police chief work up the crime stats, and found that most of our burglaries are taking place during the daylight hours.” That is reassuring.

Fortunately, the Obama Administration has stayed the course in spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan while cities literally go dark for lack of funding. Again, the disconnect is astonishing. Literally billions of dollars are stolen in plain daylight while cities move closer and closer to the state of nature.

Source: Detroit News

17 thoughts on “City Lights Repossessed For Failure To Pay Utility Bills”

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  2. Lately, I don’t hear anyone saying that this nation was founded on Christianity…do you? Of course not…today, it’s screw you, I’ve got mine.
    The teachings of Jesus are not popular anymore.

  3. Blouise1, October 11, 2011 at 9:56 am

    P.S. … Just like cleaning house … it’s going to be hard work and if you hire a housekeeper to do it for you, don’t complain if the work isn’t done properly. Do it yourself. Get involved in your own future.

    except…..when the house is infested with Corporations and the like that shun the rule books and the head of the house (Governing bodies) simply shrug that off ….
    so …’s like single Mom got a whole lot of skeezy boyfriends and they just keep molesting the kids…….

    and where the F*ck! is Daddy…..

  4. Alex,

    If that’s the case then the city did the only thing they could … especially if the electric company wouldn’t co-operate in cost cutting measures. By cost cutting measures I’m referring to staggered lighting, on/off lights etc.

  5. Blouise: The Highland Park Mayor and City Council did the fiscally responsible thing. They couldn’t afford the previous level of lighting, having not paid a full bill in 4 years, so they did what they had to do.

  6. A lot of the Down River city’s are severely hurt because of the economy there……

  7. AN,

    Yes….that is unfortunate….He could face simple DA or get really jammed up in the Courts….He went after her with a Gun…. whether he showed it…or not…that is a 5 year Felony….if he was had a CCW permit and drinking the 5 year Felony would be the least of his worry’s… They sometimes stack charges…hence he could be jammed up for a while…..

  8. This is what comes of selling your civic utilities to private corporations. I look forward to seeing headlines about water to city hall being shut off as we drift further into dysphoria.

    I agree that the Federal Government shouldn’t be bailing out cities for their financial mismanagement. Instead people should be asking hard questions of their local politicians who are responsible for running the city coffers so poorly.

    I have more sympathy for cities that had their savings and retirement funds wiped out by the shell-game of Wall Street ’08 (by which I mean “most of them). There’s still no one being held accountable for that fraud except the taxpayers.

  9. Why should the federal government give aide to cities. Cities should take care of themselves. I am no Romney fan and Obama of course is a huge disappointment but really this notion that the Feds should just give money to everybody with their hand extended is ludicrous.

  10. P.S. … Just like cleaning house … it’s going to be hard work and if you hire a housekeeper to do it for you, don’t complain if the work isn’t done properly. Do it yourself. Get involved in your own future.

  11. Everything impacts at the local level. Start there and work your way up. Elect fiscally and socially responsible mayors and councilpersons then move to county then state and then national. It’s like cleaning house … start in the corners and work your way out.

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