Video: Man Catches Boy In Fall From Escalator

This is an amazing video that one of our regular readers sent to me. It shows a boy falling from a high escalator only to be caught by a passing man in what could have been a crippling or fatal fall.

I would love to have been at this guy’s house when his wife asks what he did today . . .

This may become something of a sport. The man still has competition from Helen Beard and other top English competitors.

9 thoughts on “Video: Man Catches Boy In Fall From Escalator”

  1. Very good call on that guy’s part to realize that the kid didn’t have an “exit plan” once he got to the top of the escalator.

    Also, he didn’t try to totally catch the kid in mid-air – he slowed him down as he fell and set him down on the ground. Trying to fully catch someone (even a small child or baby) can injure or kill the would-be “catcher”. All you can reasonably do is slow them down and/or direct the falling person so that their feet/legs hit the ground first, rather than his head.

    (Spotting is part of rock climbing – either spotting the climber on the first 10 to 15 feet of a climb before she can attach the rope to safety gear, or when climbing boulders un-ropped. When you spot adult men falling off of stuff almost as high as that escalator, you learn what you can and can’t do. Extra bonus points: when you hold your hands up to slow/deflect someone who’s falling, keep your thumbs in tight against the side of your hand, so that they don’t get caught, bent back and broken!)

  2. I don’t know how old that kid is, but obviously not old enough to not be tethered to his parents. Where the hell were they?

  3. Oh my….I just love it when folks take strollers on escalators….Well not very much….

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