Will Canada Arrest George Bush?

With Barack Obama refusing to allow the investigation, let alone the prosecution, of CIA employees or Bush Administration officials for our torture program, human rights and civil liberties groups are calling on Canada to fulfill international obligations and arrest George Bush on his planned visit to that country.

Groups like Human Rights Watch are citing “overwhelming evidence” that both Bush and other senior officials in his administration carried out a torture program and thus committed alleged war crimes. They note that Canada is legally bound under the Convention against Torture to prosecute individuals who have been implicated in carrying out such acts. Of course, that responsibility rests first and foremost with Obama and his administration, but the President has made it clear that this is not a convenient or optimal time for such action. Soon after taking office, Obama made clear that he would not allow any prosecution of a CIA employee for torture — a position he later expressed in a speech at the CIA. Later, his Administration refused to appoint a special or independent counsel to look at other possible targets and then issued a much ridiculed rationale for not prosecuting anyone for the torture program. As noted in recent columns, many Democrats have rationalized this clear violation of international law by noting that it would only serve to divide the country — the very argument used by countries like Syria to refuse to investigate war criminals. Such investigations are never convenient or popular. This is why countries had to come together and agree that, regardless of the time or popularity, they would fulfill their responsibilities under these treaties.

Previously, the public was informed by Wikileaks that the Obama Administration put great pressure on Spain to scuttle the work of its previously independent judiciary to investigate Bush officials. No doubt it is putting the same pressure on the Canadians. Some Canadians however may be reluctant to adopt the position of the U.S. that these laws should apply to other countries. We have already seen groups like the Taliban and countries like China cite our own inaction (here) on torture to dismiss any statement from the United States on human rights.

Source: RT

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  1. Otteray Scribe,

    Righteous indignation and denial coming soon … unless they’ve wised up and learned to ignore me … which is another opening I can use. 😉

  2. You’re full of excuses, Blouise, but at least you answered my question–you really can’t tell the difference. And you’re paranoid to boot. The paranoia among political extremists is something to see, the same on the Left as the Right. I suppose it helps protect beliefs, and creates a simple, black-and-white world to live in.

  3. Agree with Blouise. Expect an influx of concern trolls. They are not that hard to spot if you know what to look for.

  4. Elaine M.,

    Yeah, but the newest Koch tactic seems to be: pretend to be a liberal whilst bashing every democrat you can get in … but be sure to bash a few republicans too in order to maintain the cover. I’ve found it’s most helpful to push a teabag button ’cause they just can’t stand to have the darlings treated with disrespect. If there was no balloon there, there’d be no reaction to the prick.

  5. Blouise,

    “I just push teabagger buttons to see who jumps out of the closet to lecture me.”

    I thought it was the Kochs who pushed their buttons and pulled their strings.

  6. Best hope: some protester will wave a sign that says:
    “You shouldn’t torture, eh?”

  7. AY,

    I just push teabagger buttons to see who jumps out of the closet to lecture me.

    They are trying so hard to rebrand their crazies because the 2012 nominee doesn’t want to be saddled with all those lovely images from teabagging rallies. Such things turn off Independents.

    This one’s lectures are so “holier than thou” that a hint of early 2000’s Republican Christian Crucifier (Tootie-esque, if you will) branding comes through.

  8. Since we are no longer under the rule of law in the Assorted States of America, I see nothing to prevent any of our own American well-armed militias from snatching George Bush’s nasty ass, stripping him naked, putting him in a fresh Depends undergarment, chaining him on the floor of an unheated plane in a “legal stress position”, and flying him to our friendly ally, Egypt, for a tour of what he, himself created. No warrant necessary, no extradition proceeding necessary, no international organizations need notification, no one needs to know where he is. All perfectly legal. Ask John Yoo. Ask Dick Cheney, ask Barack Obama, ask the Supreme Court.

    And may God continue to bless the Assorted States of America.

  9. Blouise, can you really not distinguish criticism from denigrating (and childish) name-calling?

  10. The executive branch has stapled a lengthy presidential signing statement to the Constitution. Mr. Bush will not be arrested under any circumstances in any country which is an ally of the United States.

    1. Mike,

      I understand that…But..Diplomatic Immunity is only as good as the Nation it comes from….Will it hold up…with the Asians wanting it..or do we have to topple their markets as well?

  11. Fruit fly,
    did you miss the whole torture thing? Wake up. Bush and his accomplices violated domestic and international law by torturing prisoners at black sites and at Gitmo.

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