The annual selection of the Top 100 Irish Lawyers in the World has been released by The Irish Voice and I am honored to be included again among the honorees this year. Last night, I received the award with fellow honorees from around the world at the residence of the Irish Ambassador, Michael Collins and his wife Marie. Despite a downpour that left some of us dripping like we had just swum across the River Shannon, Collins greeted us with a towel and a warm welcome. He is a great credit to Ireland and turned out his home to lawyers from around the world for the evening.

The honorees this year included Chief Justice John Roberts, Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, ABA President Bill Robinson, Judge Richard Leon, and other Washington figures. This year I was particularly pleased to be honored with one of my colleagues, Sean Murphy, who has been nominated to join the prestigious International Law Commission and has handled an array of important international legal disputes.

I am always touched to hear the Irish accents and stories because they remind me of my father, Jack Turley. Turleys are found in Northern Ireland and the counties Down and Armagh. I hear on occasion from Turleys in Ireland, who have informed me of such tidbits as a Turley who died on the Titantic and other clan lore. I was told that the family motto translates to “Consider the End” — which was described as a somewhat depressing but quintessentially Irish thought.

Much thanks to The Irish Voice and its editor Niall O’Dowd. O’Dowd told a wonderful story about famed Irish lawyer Daniel O’Connell who once took the case of a man accused of stealing shoes. He was so good in court that the jury declared his client not guilty but said he should return the shoes. Now that is an Irish lawyer to be proud of.

To my fellow honorees and the Turley clan, I say Éirinn go Brách.

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Congrats Jonathan. Well deserved honor for you. On a personal note, shouldn’t we be creating a similar award for your other half, the Italian bloodline that flows through your veins as well? Maybe it’s just me. All the best, Francesco (Frank) Mascagni, Salute!

  2. Congratulations on yet another well deserved award.

    So how is the construction coming along on the Turley Honors Wing of the house?

  3. Congratulations, Professor! But could you please give an example of the kind of Irish “accidents” and stories you like to hear?!

  4. John Roberts is Irish!!! I hope your hard work and passion for justice will over come the damage that the Roberts’ court has and will inflict on The US.

  5. Congratulations on the award. Well deserved and should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

  6. Given the fact that the Blarney Stone is in Ireland the competition must be fierce, so it is a very high honor. Congrats!

  7. My heavens … the awards keep coming. This is a good thing but you are going to have to build an addition onto your house … a special room … for you are still a young man with many accomplishments ahead of you. People put a lot of thought and effort into these honors and each should be proudly displayed.

  8. Congratulations to you again Professor for another well deserved award!

    A gathering of Irish lawyers meeting in the home of an Irish national named Michael Collins, hmmm, you’re all on some kind of super secret government list now if you weren’t already 🙂

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