The Gadhafi Video: Where Is The Outrage?

New video evidence below shows Maummar Gadhafi was alive after being seized in the operation that led to his capture. What I find rather disconcerting is the treatment of this video by the media, which covered the “joy” and “celebration” of the event while ignoring the shocking abuse of a wounded man and then the parading and stripping of this corpse. We were appalled when militants paraded the bodies of Americans in Somalia and Iraq. Yet, when it is someone we hate, it barely draws mention while newspapers taunt the dead man as being pulled “from a stinking drain.”

Following the killing, President Obama took to the air to herald the victory and a “future . . . of dignity.”
We long denounced Gadhafi on this blog. However, the treatment of Gadhafi below should shock the conscience. Only this morning did I see a brief story on CNN interviewing a man on how he felt about the way Gadhafi died. The thrust however was not about the abuse but the lost opportunity of a trial.

Instead of addressing the abuse of a wounded man and later a corpse, CNN and other outlets simply warned about graphic images and focused on Libyans firing weapons (including heavy machine guns) into the air (a moronic form of celebration that led to the wounding of various civilians).

We previously discussed the discomfort of watching Americans dancing and celebrating the shooting of Bin Laden. The media again did not dare to question the propriety of such displays despite the condemnation of the same displays in other countries after the 9-11 attacks.

Because human rights groups have called for an investigation and raised the question of whether he was shot in the head after capture, CNN and other news outlets are raising the question this morning. CNN’s anchor notes this morning that “some people” may find the parading of the body again this morning (including being struck by shoes as a sign of contempt) “might not be respectful.”

This video should shock the conscience and the story should be not the celebration but the crime depicted in this video.

Here is my warning: the video below is graphic and shows the abuse of a wounded man and corpse as a form of celebration. Human beings will find this video disgusting.

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  1. Why was Gadaffi such a brutal dictator? Because he was ruling a brutal country. Anyone who thinks democracy will work in places like Libya, Iraq and Syria want their heads testing. Its either a an Islamic Caliphate or a socialist dictatorship – Western secular liberalism won’t get a look in sideways. Why – because for western secular liberalism to work -it needs a large middleclass – which none of these countries have.

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  3. I saw a headline that said the Libyan people had administered “rough justice.” The headline is absurd, in my opinion. None of this is about justice, of course. There are plenty of situations — both the grand ones that play out in the world arena and are covered (often hideously) by the international media, and the little ones that play out in our little worlds and our little families and that receive nobody’s attention except the victims and, on occasion, the prps — where JUSTICE CANNOT be done. Where Justice. CAN. NOT. BE. DONE. Of course the Qaddafi situation was one of those where, obviously, justice could not be done. Neither was his torment by the angry mob enough punishment nor was it justified by “justice” in any sense of the word. How many times, actually, could you hang Eichmann? So the issue is not whether it was “justice” or, if it was designated “justice” by a headline writer, whether it could be blessed as a form of “rough justice.” In fact, “rough justice,” like “quite unique,” is nonsensical per se.

    What was done to Qaddafi hurt and killed that man and of course, “karmically” hurt and part-killed those who did it. But WHO hurt and part-killed those who watched that video or, by proxy, even those who have been affected by that video even though they did not watch it (like me)?

    Those who do not do justice and who do not strive to do it.
    Those who define “justice” as whatever makes them feel better after they are feeling bad.
    Those who define “justice” as a feeling that the person to whom it was administered (Qaddafi yes, but before him — Todd Willingham, Marie-Antoinette, Denmark Vesey, Eli Cohen, Mussolini, Daniel Perl, millions of others in millions of other circumstances including but not limited to the Holocaust) certainly had it coming to [him][her][them].

    I just don’t get it. These media reports really hurt me. I never even MET a Libyan since 1969 when I worked as a waitress in the Hotel St. Regis in Detroit and one of the busboys there was a Libyan student. Jeez, he could have been one of Qaddafi’s victims or he could have been one of Qaddafi’s killers. (I remember him because he liked to eat a whole bowl-ful of tobasco sauce with a spoon!) Still, these media reports really hurt ME.

  4. The west will never allow Africa to unite, when shall we rise up and say to the western that enough is enough.
    They did it to Dr Kwame Nkrumah
    They did to Joseph Hills
    They did it to Lucky Dube
    Distruct Robert Mugabe
    And now it is Gadhafi
    when will the western powers stop looting our Mothers land for their selfish luxury. The Evil that men do leave after them and every thing that has a begining will come to an end.
    Shame on Obama and his likes, for he have betrayed his Blood and God will judge him soon
    But Africa will one day be the world’s power house. Amen

    1. I can understand the outrage that the people of Africa must feel after the hundreds of years of exploitation and degradation they have experienced at the hands of the western nations and from many of the Leaders who seized power when the colonizers left. Much of the homegrown violence has also been encouraged and funded by western governments and corporations, be it for the purpose of political destabilization or the diamonds they so crave.
      You won’t find me making excuses for Obama or any other politician with a hand in such events.
      I would say that one of the main goals of the OWS protests is to clean out the corrupt influence of capitalist corporations on the policies adopted by the government. By itself, that should go a long way toward reducing the interference in the affairs of other nations. (Assuming OWS is successful and I do). Especially any involvement that is geared toward profit with no moral restraint.
      I don’t know your personal history but it sounds to me like this an issue that is close to your heart. I would ask you as I would ask every other person to remember that not all people are out to exploit the poor and helpless. The OWS and other Occupy_____ movements around the world are the people standing up and saying, “Enough is enough”! We don’t want to be the western powers that exploit other people. We don’t want to be responsible for wars and starvation. These Movements are the people of the world saying that the time has come to put a stop to immoral or if you wish, just plain wrong actions that profit a few and cause the suffering of the many. They feel that they have a right to expect better from the government. They have become suspicious of the government propaganda that paints a picture of us as the benevolent protectors of freedom and have found it to be a huge pack of lies. They have stopped believing that so many people around the world hate us out of jealousy or just for no reason at all. So perhaps now is the time for these changes to happen. Perhaps we will succeed in cleaning our own house. If you are truly passionate about these things perhaps the best thing you could do to help bring these positive changes about is to get down to you local Occupy_____ protest and help to force the established powers to realize we are here to stay and we will accept no less than complete capitulation with the demands of the movement.
      Thanks Mr. Proser, I appreciate the opportunity to comment on this as it relates to Africa. There has been too much suffering for way too long. (Wasn’t one day way too long?) And while the level of violence and suffering in Africa is certainly a worst case scenario, there has been suffering all over the world; even in the west. The problem is that these powerful corporations and their puppet governments have been setting the White people against the Black and the Black against the Koreans. The Christians against Moslems, Moslems against Jews. Catholics against Protestants and Protestants against Catholics. They have been inciting hatred and violence between races, nations, and religions in order to draw attention away from the fact that the corporations have been raping us all along. And through the use of lies and half truths they have confused us so thoroughly that we have been blaming the other rape victims for the crime. Well the time has come for all peoples to find and stop the real rapists and learn to trust and help each other out of concern for the people and for mutual benefit. Freedom is a HUGE idea and we think the time is right for all of us less than very wealthy people to explore the full meaning and beauty of that idea

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