Love Is Never Saying I’m Empty: Perry Publicly Admits To High Caliber “Love Affair”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has gone public with a long love affair — usually not a moment politicians relish. Perry, however, could not continue to live a lie and publicly announced that yes he has had an affair starting in childhood with . . . guns. This was no ménage à trois with Messrs. Smith and Wesson, but all guns.

This is the one love affair that politicians are free to acknowledge. You may recall John Kerry parading around with a shotgun in a much ridiculed photo op.

Perry fessed up before going on a hunting trip with Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa: “As long as I’ve got memory, I’ve had something to hunt with. It was a long love affair with a boy and his gun that turned into a man and his gun, and then it turned into a man and his son and his daughter and their guns.”

He is not alone. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan announced her new found love for hunting this week.

It is hard to blame Perry. After a long day on the campaign trail, it is hard for any man to stare into the barrel of a nickel-plated .38 and not feel lost in its dreamy high-caliber, metallic appeal. As soon as you think you are over it, some cute Deringer with an ivory handle falls into your hands. You want action” Try the breech-locking and firing mechanism of a Beretta with an articulated front trigger. It takes a man of stone to look away when some weapon enters the room with bifurcated lumps and an inlaid butt. After all, even if you are ballistically monogamous, how can you resist advertisements from Smith and Wesson promising “Five-Screw – Four Screw – Three Screw” multiple action plus “Peep Sights.”

He is not alone, it appears, with even liberals like Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan revealing a love for hunting this week.

Judge if you will, but you have not found yourself alone in a gun shack with a Purdey Shotgun. That is when Perry and others are forced to admit, you had me a curio.

[In the interests of full disclosure, I have a love for skeet shooting and own a shotgun. I also have a fascination with guns, particularly historical weapons due to my interest in military history]

Source: CNN

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  1. Malisha, That was a pretty good comeback albeit a bit late. I’ve done that too and thought, Hmmmm, when they invent home model time machines that’s what I’m going to do with mine, go back and get those good zingers in when they would have given me some satisfaction. 🙂

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  2. Frankly, I left a response yesterday but it didn’t get posted, and since I don’t know how these blogs work, it is possible Jonathan Turley thought it shouldn’t get posted and that’s possible. But my response was to thank you for good advice well meant and to assure you that my purpose was not to “get justice” because obviously that’s just silly. My purpose was to dish up a little trouble to the firm that chose to do this to me, and my complaint is absolutely valid. In fact 17 lawyers told me that they WOULD represent me if they thought three years of fighting against a big firm like that would end up profitable to them in the long run, but they didn’t. I can fight three years against them (every lawyer I know believes I will survive their motions to dismiss on the paperwork alone) without losing any significant money OR my sanity because I don’t EXPECT justice. But even if I lose, I will brief a pretty good appeal. So I’m not worried and I’m not in danger of losing my sanity. The people who do lose their sanity when involved in something like this are the ones who believe, deep down inside, that it really is IMPOSSIBLE for things to go completely wrong all the way to the end. I am cynical and pessimistic and neither religious nor stupid, so I’ll be all right. Thanks, Frankly.

  3. Mike S.,

    I question how real his christian values are….I read something that goes like this: “Show me where a man spends his money and I’ll show you what he worships.”

    Here in Texas….People are as proud of their Pistols just like children…and in some cases even more so….

  4. Mike Spindell:

    did you manipulate the data and make charts? You can do all kinds of things with statistics that are really quite interesting and actually show you some interesting observations which you might not have seen by just looking at raw data.

    I used statistics for a couple of projects and found the modeling to be quite good.

    Did it help you in predicting the outcome of individual games?

  5. Having done some shooting in my time I admit there is something powerfully attractive about holding a firearm. However, to use the the adjective “love affair” to describe your feelings for it seems not only overly dramatic, but also indicative of a sexual content to the attraction. For years my hobby was baseball statistics, which I pursed with passion, yet in describing my enjoyment of them to others I would never had used the words “love affair” and I find their usage by Perry as downright creepy.

  6. Frankly 1, October 24, 2011 at 9:39 am

    In basic training you get to know a lot more about guys then you care to. One thing I learned in the showers was that there was an almost 1-to-1 correlation between an unhealthy affinity for firearms and a smaller than average penis.
    Exactly. LOL!

    “Big gummit” is a poetic expression oozing from the reptilian brain then combining with the amygdala, to produce libidinal polemics.

    Big is the loneliest number.

  7. Oh Boy! Looks like we have another failed litigant here to curse the legal system!

    Let me save you a lot of wasted time Malisha, nobody here can help you win what you have already lost. If you really have tried legal recourse and found no lawyer who will take the case then yours is a lost cause. You might very well have been screwed badly, it happens to good people every day. You can not fix that now but you can make it much worse. If you focus on the unfairness of it all and fixate on the injustice it will eat you.

    We had one of these cases here for a long time & watched her descend into a madness that nobody here could stop. Please, get help to get past the events and get on with your life, don’t let the bastards take your sanity also.

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