Love Is Never Saying I’m Empty: Perry Publicly Admits To High Caliber “Love Affair”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has gone public with a long love affair — usually not a moment politicians relish. Perry, however, could not continue to live a lie and publicly announced that yes he has had an affair starting in childhood with . . . guns. This was no ménage à trois with Messrs. Smith and Wesson, but all guns.

This is the one love affair that politicians are free to acknowledge. You may recall John Kerry parading around with a shotgun in a much ridiculed photo op.

Perry fessed up before going on a hunting trip with Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa: “As long as I’ve got memory, I’ve had something to hunt with. It was a long love affair with a boy and his gun that turned into a man and his gun, and then it turned into a man and his son and his daughter and their guns.”

He is not alone. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan announced her new found love for hunting this week.

It is hard to blame Perry. After a long day on the campaign trail, it is hard for any man to stare into the barrel of a nickel-plated .38 and not feel lost in its dreamy high-caliber, metallic appeal. As soon as you think you are over it, some cute Deringer with an ivory handle falls into your hands. You want action” Try the breech-locking and firing mechanism of a Beretta with an articulated front trigger. It takes a man of stone to look away when some weapon enters the room with bifurcated lumps and an inlaid butt. After all, even if you are ballistically monogamous, how can you resist advertisements from Smith and Wesson promising “Five-Screw – Four Screw – Three Screw” multiple action plus “Peep Sights.”

He is not alone, it appears, with even liberals like Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan revealing a love for hunting this week.

Judge if you will, but you have not found yourself alone in a gun shack with a Purdey Shotgun. That is when Perry and others are forced to admit, you had me a curio.

[In the interests of full disclosure, I have a love for skeet shooting and own a shotgun. I also have a fascination with guns, particularly historical weapons due to my interest in military history]

Source: CNN

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  1. RE: Turley’s response to Randall.

    Makes me want to tell a story. Know how you leave a place and you could just KICK YOURSELF because you thought of exactly what you should have said but it’s too late. Picture this: Big law firm, in the top 20 in America for pro bono work, took my case pro bono in 2008, sold me to the adversary and didn’t even get 20 pieces of silver. Almost unbelievable. Oh go ahead, ACTUALLY UNBELIEVABLE. So here I am, pro bono and pro se, fire them, figure out what they did, can’t get anybody to represent me to sue them for what they did, bite the bullet and sue them pro se (go ahead, laugh). First negotiating conference. (OK, listen up: THEY MET WITH ME TWICE!) A partner from their firm is representing them at the meeting and he’s yelling at me. “WRONG WRONG WROOOOOOOONG!!” he yells. OK. So then, he demands to know WHY the associate I accuse would have done this bad thing. I say it’s really not my business but I think she was doing a favor to somebody in the adversary’s office. WOW he goes OFF like a BOMB, yells at me that he’s never been SO INSULTED IN HIS WHOLE LIFE! Oops. A half hour later, I’m having lunch with a forensic psychiatrist who was with me in the meeting, and I say, “Oh DAMN I just thought of what I should’ve said to [th guy] when he said he had never been so insulted. I should have said: THEN CLEARLY, MR. [WHATSYOURFACE), NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INSULTING YOU!”

  2. “Perry fessed up before going on a hunting trip with Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa…” -from the article

    Perry and King… Now that’s a pairing… Would love to be privy to their conversations…

  3. Great response Prof. Turley!!
    I am not surprised at Gov. Perry’s affair with guns. Nothing that the Teapublicans do and say is a surprise anymore.
    Great song clip!

  4. I hate to tell you this, but most liberals here in Texas like guns and are hunters too. In fact, in civil rights struggles we fought to allow blacks to own guns. It used to be that in the south, they had severe guns restrictions on who could own guns. You had to get permission of the sherrif to own a firearm, and needless to say, black Americans did not qualify. Guns were and still are a legitimate means of self defense against criminals, be they officials of the state as in past days, or simple crooks today.

  5. In basic training you get to know a lot more about guys then you care to. One thing I learned in the showers was that there was an almost 1-to-1 correlation between an unhealthy affinity for firearms and a smaller than average penis.

  6. Don’t be silly, Randall, I have been far more idiotic and unintelligent in other posts.

  7. The link to the CNN report on Perry’s love affair with guns is here:

    The link to the CNN report on Elena Kagan’s new love of hunting animals with guns is here:

    She recalled paying a courtesy call on Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-Maryland, who is a member of Beth Tfiloh, shortly after her nomination to the court by President Barack Obama in May 2010. Cardin asked her about gun rights, and remarked she may not realize how important the issue is to some Americans.

    She admitted never having owned or fired a gun before. “But I told Sen. Cardin if I was fortunate enough to be confirmed, I would go hunting with Justice Scalia.”

    And she has, joining her conservative colleague on an excursion to a Washington-area shooting range and on several hunting trips, until now never reported. Her host at the synagogue event was surprised.

    “You’re Jewish,” deadpanned Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg.

    “Yeah, but it turns out, it’s kind of fun,” said Kagan, laughing.

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