Reforming Halloween From “Jesus Ween” To Saturday-Only Observance

As a self-confessed Halloween devotee, I am always taken aback by those who want to change or eliminate what seems to me to be a hugely fun holiday for kids and adults alike. Yet, this year has seen the annual reforms of the holidays from changing the date to establishing the alternative of “Jesus Ween.” Yet, this is an improvement over psychoanalysis that my love for Halloween is merely a cry for help from my dying soul.

Pastor Paul Ade, of Calgary, Canada, has come up with the solution to those who are having too much fun on Halloween without thought of their eternal soul. Ade has created Jesus Ween, the rage with a growing number of Christians. Inside of costumes and candy, celebrants wear all white to remember Jesus and hand out Bibles.
According to the website, “Pastor Paul [ordered] copies of New Testament pocket size Bibles from the Bible Society to use for personal evangelism. A few days before Halloween, a word came to him to give out bibles to everyone knocking at his door expecting candy.”

He told followers that his first such effort in facing candy-expectant children “was much easier than expected and since then God kept on talking to Pastor Paul about how to help Gods people make use of the “Go Ye” instruction every October 31st and on major public holidays.” They are also low-caloric — though not nut free apparently.

In Arkansas, Bryant Mayor Larry Mitchell has more modest hopes for reform: to change the date of Halloween. He is not alone in arguing that Halloween should be set for only Saturdays — dropping the historical practice of coming on the final day of October. Last year, it was a Connecticut legislator who wanted the change.

There is little doubt that weekend celebrations are more convenient for all. However, there is a certain mystique to falling on the final day of October — a day marking for many the start of the cold grip of winter. The date is often tied to when the Celts celebrated Samhain — “All Hallow tide”, or the “Feast of the Dead.” Mitchell is risking the wrath of the Celts in this questionable enterprise.

Source: Fox16

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