8 thoughts on “Who Needs A Car Alarm?”

  1. But the dog’s in a crate.

    My son and I used to take our German Shepherd for a walk on a lakewalk. Before or after our walk, we’d stop at a restaurant. I had a leash with a toggle on each end. We’d open the windows and the tailgate. Booker would lie in the cargo area, chained to a ring bolt. We always sat next to a window that let us view the rear of the station wagon. (And he had a water bowl.)

  2. i had a dobie like that named natasha. i could leave both windows down and the keys in the ignition. i caught her stealing easter eggs once when a neighbor was hiding eggs.

  3. I used to have a car alarm like that. His name was Trooper and he weighed just under a hundred pounds. He loved kids. If he had spotted someone hitting a kid in the parking lot it would have been ugly–for the hitter. Fortunately, no passersby ever offered themselves up as test cases.

    I really miss Trooper; or as my son called him, “The Land Shark.”

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