U.S. Troops Trained Not To Spit Or Urinate Toward Mecca

The article below contains a rather bizarre note on how our soldiers are trained to deal with the religious demands of our Afghan allies when deployed. Troops are taught that they should not spit, urinate, or sleep with their feet exposed toward Mecca.

The troops at Camp Pendleton are told that they have to keep a constant eye on which direction is West so not to do anything disrespectful in that direction. Demean the South, North and East as you wish, but not the West toward Mecca. Since we saw that millions of Muslims prayed for years in the wrong direction, this could add an element of considerable pressure in a potty break.

The lesson on how to expectorate in an Islamically correct fashion is just one part of the specialized training required of our troops in being shipped out to Afghanistan. Of course, for our female soldiers, they are also told how many tribes treat women as little more than chattel but that they are still happy to have them fight and die for their safety as long as they do not insult them.

Source: NC Times

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  1. dennis:

    that is not very nice. You should be ashamed of yourself. How would you like a page of the bible used that way?

  2. i would espicaly piss towards mecca., im going to go do it after this post and wipe my ass with a page of the koran

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