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  1. Malisha, smart son you have there. I hope he never loses that ability to think critically. We see on this blog some prime examples of what can happen when adults stop using their critical faculties.

  2. Otteray, when my son was a kid he read the Bible and got very worked up about an incident in there. Apparently Aaron had ten sons and they were all priests and they were all trying to do exactly what they should do and they were building the temple according to the specifications. One of them apparently burned the wrong incense. God apparently opened up the earth and had all ten of them swallowed up! That’ll show’em! (This story made me never really want to try incense, myself.)

    My kid was about 12 at the time. He said, “Mom, if you believe in the Bible God, you’re praying to a psychotic sadist!”

    In a sense it may be a good thing, though. If you pray to a psychotic sadist on a regular basis, it may really help you get along in this world, especially if you ever have to litigate…

    Oh well, nevermind.
    Weird video clip. Much of it went either over my head, past my ears, or through the woods to grandmother’s house, though.


  3. Atheists are just as annoying because their so sure. Why do people debate this stuff. you can’t prove anything and you’ll never really know so why bother? I figure you’ll find out when you get there.

  4. While the comparison is enlightening, the “rejection of God is a rejection of me because I am God” seems a bit too polemical. These atheist haters are Authoritarian followers. Any challenge to their Authority or its teachings is perceived as an existential attack on their beliefs and lifestyles. Their “rejection-response” is a necessary counter-attack for self-survival.

    See http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/

  5. Barney Collier: Atheists often create a ficticious “god”

    citation please

    although there are some “christians” that do this, I call him Jesus of Convenience

  6. Lottakatz, yes, shock can be the beginning of that horrible spiral down into crankiness….I hope the bench has industrial supports, doesn’t sound like it will have any lack of those needing a spot…at least there will be good company!

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