British Search For Cat-Swinging Man

In Ramsgate, England, police are looking for this man shown outside of a pub swinging a cat by its tail. It is reminiscent of the earlier search of the woman shown dumping a cat in a dumpster. In this case, the cat, called Mowgli, survived and was not left injured.

Police are asking for people to help find the man. who is responsible for the attack on Ocober 29th.

Once again, in addition to the need to punish people for such cruelty to animals, these people represent an obvious danger to the society since they are devoid of humanity and enjoy the suffering of others. There is little reason to believe that enjoying the abuse of an animal would not extend to humans. These are people who are missing a certain humanity chip in their programming, as shown in today’s video from the CTA

6 thoughts on “British Search For Cat-Swinging Man”

  1. While I deplore what the man is doing and agree that he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, I find it ironic that we would not even have evidence of a crime were it not for the CC camera system we were criticizing just this weekend.

  2. sick
    probable neurological damage to cat as the tail is an xtension of the spine…

    harming animals is in the same camp as harming children….they are defenseless against humans/adults.

  3. Jeffrey Dahmer liked to crucify neighborhood pets…this kind of behavior is a symptom of psychopathy. Start with animals and “progress” to humans. I couldn’t bear to watch the clip but if he’s a teenager he definitely has Dahmer potential.

    Question is what to do with someone like this. Like some pedophiliacs, this type of personality/character disorder [not sure if this is the current DSM-approved term] is incurable. They should be put on an island with others of their ilk before they start acting out their fantasies on humans, but this will never happen.

  4. You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo hurd…. But you can be happy if you’ve a mid too…

    You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo hurd… But you can swing a cat by the tail…. If you’ve a mind too…
    Guy needs help though…

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