Thirteen Percent: Congress Is Now More Unpopular Than A Communist Takeover

Well, Congress still beats out intestinal blockages in popularity. The latest Gallup monthly survey shows that Congress is now only viewed favorable by 13 percent of American. Other polls show it as 9 percent. This makes it less popular (as shown in the chart in the article below) than Hugo Chavez and communism taking over the United States. Hell, even Paris Hilton is more popular than Congress.

What I find incredible is that we still do not have a third party when virtually everyone agrees that our political system is a disaster. Yet, we continue to replicate the same failed leadership in both parties. I remain utterly shocked that the Democrats retained Nancy Pelosi as their leader after she contributed to one of the greatest losses of her party in history. She remains a polarizing figure for many.

I was particularly annoyed to see her recently on John Stewart’s show joking about how unpopular Congress is and saying that it was less unpopular under Democrats (though she cites a 40 percent approval rate which was the high point during her tenure and later contested by reporters). There is no indication that she views her own actions as in anyway contributing to this disaster despite criticism of leadership from continuing corrupt practices like congressional junkets to failing to implement reforms of Congress. What is striking is that neither Republicans nor Democrats appear to have the ability of self-criticism of their leadership while hating the current situation. Partisans continue to attack the other party while coming up for endless excuses for their own disastrous leadership.

We have two parties which have become effectively brain dead. Yet we have a political system that appears incapable of challenging the monopoly of the two parties even in the face of utter failure. What does this have to say about the assumption that we have a democratic process responsive to public demands? We appear more of an oligarchy that maintains a pretense of a democracy.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. And in news of this evening. OWS has “occupied” the Verizon skyscraper building. Big batsignals on the side of the building. That kind of thing gets the message out, is annoying as hell to the plutocrats, harms no one, and does not interfere with ordinary businesses and workers going about their lives. Makes me grin as well.

    They are also doing it on government buildings at Puerto del Sol in Madrid, Spain.

    Story with lot of pictures and video. The CBS helicopter got some good shots.

  2. Blouise: “OS,I’m going for full head hoods … everybody uses them.”

    LOL, right, outfit all sides and maximize profits. Who says the people on this site don’t understand capitalism? 🙂

  3. OS and Blouise,
    I think it is time to renew our passports because these Congresspeople are bought and sold by their corporate bosses.

  4. I am trying to decide if I should invest in a pitchfork and torch franchise, or if I should put my money in guillotines.

  5. I’d like to see a graph from 2006 to now showing Congressional popularity. Congress has been out of step with the citizenry for a long time and is now virtually divorced from the needs, desires and will of the citizens.

    Anyone that has been listening knows by now that the Republicans are willing to sacrifice the economy (with all the horror that brings) just to get the black guy out of office. It’s not even about protecting the 1%’ers, Obama has give them virtually everything they want. It’s about a conservative coup and the black guy.

  6. I was thinking about Mayor Bloomberg and the title of a very old song popped into my head. “John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man.” The lyrics do not exactly fit, but the title does.

    I actually have this recording in my collection of old 78 RPM records.

  7. The “Disorder Control Unit” … creates disorder.

    They’re talking about the “White Shirts” as being the most aggressive and destructive police presence.

    They just reported about identifying a group of undercover cops (said to need acting lessons) and kicking them out of the park. One man showed a picture of the undercover cop who punched him then ran behind police lines. They characterize them as running like little cockroaches when the light of the camera falls on them.

    I don’t know why they need undercover cops … these people announce everything over their live feed … where they’re going next and what time.

    Bloomberg is an idiot.

  8. The police are everywhere, it seems. They have taken one guy’s camera and beat him. He was observed by witnesses to be on the ground bloody. They put barricades around Zuccotti Park and are refusing to let people leave. Word is they are prepared to arrest 10,000 people today. Bloomberg is a scared little man, cowering in his office, afraid of the people he is supposed to represent. However, we all know who he REALLY represents.

    Here is a liveblog with constant updates. There is also a link to the live feed from citizen reporters on the ground.,-New-York-Marches-on-Wall-St?via=sidebyuserrec

  9. Blouise, all the attorneys here are well aware of a term of art called ‘arbitrary and capricious.’

    The OWS folks are succeeding beyond their expectations. They have indeed disrupted the normal operation of the financial district. People who belong there are being caught up in dragnet sweeps. They are ketteling, not only protesters, but tourists, shoppers and local employees. Mayor Moneybags may ultimately come to regret clearing out the park where they were camping out. Now the protesters are mobile.

    One of the first rules of guerrilla warfare is to not present yourself as a stationary target. They are no longer stationary.

  10. I watched some of the live feed OS provided the link for … NYC cops had closed off a street and were checking papers (ID) on some of the people who they let through the checkpoint. Supposedly one had to live on or work in one of the buildings on that section of street. But they were only asking for papers from those who each cop decided, by sight, might not live or work on that street. Some were able to produce papers, some were not and some, even if they had the proper papers were denied passage. No reason was given.

    One young man was on his way to a Transit stop but because he didn’t live or work on the street he was told to go find another stop. The older man behind him was allowed through without showing any papers.

    I wasn’t alive in the 30’s and I’ve never lived in Germany but the scene looked and sounded just like those I’ve read about taking place in Germany as the newly formed Nazi government was beginning to take power. It was creepy and scary and totally over the top. This really is no longer the America we knew. This is a strange new military state.

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