Saudi Court Orders Australian To Be Flogged 500 Times For Insulting Mohammad — and Sent To Jail For One Year

We have yet another blasphemy case. A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced Australian national Mansor Almaribe to 500 lashes and a year in jail for insulting Muhammad during prayers in a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Almaribe, 45, appears to have been on a hajj when he said something viewed as insulting to Muhammad. His is the latest sentence under Sharia law and another example of the type of blasphemy prosecutions that have become common in many countries. The Obama Administration broke with long-standing policy to support resolutions recognizing the right of countries to prosecute people for speaking against religion.

Originally, the sentence in this case was two years, but later reduced to one year. A sentence of 500 lashes is considered the equivalent to a death sentence.

What is interesting is that this is clearly a devout Muslim. The sentence sounds like the flogging while continue until you learn to love and respect the Prophet.

Source: Herald Sun

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9 thoughts on “Saudi Court Orders Australian To Be Flogged 500 Times For Insulting Mohammad — and Sent To Jail For One Year”

  1. I’d like to knw what type of whips is. Usually used in islamicc punishement ? I heard before got flogged 200 times and she was still alive ! Also I heard a teen girl got flogged 70 times and she died , she got flogged with a bamboo cane ! So I wonder what type of whips shall be used so the islamic punishement is not void !!!

    I aslo heard that if a women coMmits sex outside marriage she got whipped 100 times ! So what if she commits sex over than 6 times ? And what also about foreplay ?
    I heard about smth called tazeer punishement as well !!!

  2. Since he is Australian and not a Saudi citizen, I assume this will end with a dropped or reduced sentence and deportation. Which leads me to wonder how often this happens to Saudi citizens.

    What would the US do if this happened to a US citizen.

    (Could Australia ask for US help under ANZUS or other treaties?)

    And what will the UN do?

    Is this another Jesse Jackson moment?

    Is there someone who can go to the Saudi Religous Fascists and say, nah, that’s not a last, THIS is a lash.

  3. If the flogging is to continue til he learns to love and respect the Prophet should take only one or 2 times before he cries out “Oh Muhammed, help me.”

  4. Those who would impose such sentences should recall the ultimate fate of other extremists in sentencing such as Robespierre. Torquemada would have suffered the same fate had he not maintained an army of bodyguards. Even so, after Torquemada’s death, his tomb was ransacked and his bones desecrated.

  5. Remember that they do not do it with a whip but a slender rod & it not on the back but on the buttocks. Still 500 would make him an invalid if nothing else. Any idea what horrible insult he is accused of making?

    Now the Royal Navy used a cat-o-nine-tails & had a punishment called “flogging through the fleet” in which you were tied to a row boat & rowed around past all the other ships while being flogged – it lasted as long as it took to row around the entire fleet so it was a death sentence.

  6. Chances of his surviving the lashes are slim. The prison sentence will finish what ever’s left. He’d be better committing suicide.

  7. Like Texas they love over the top excessive sentences. Unlike Texas their higher courts have a tendency to reduce these ridiculous things to something less draconian.

    I never understood why an all powerful being would need our puny protection from the thoughts or words of other puny beings. If your cosmic muffin is all powerful the mere words of some mortal can not hurt it.

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