12 thoughts on “A Dog Dancing . . . That Is All”

  1. the next vid kicks the first one. it shows an actual trained dancing dog pretty awesome. i once saw a dog that walked on its hind legs as its front legs were paralyzed-was that on here?

  2. There is clear fishing line attached to the dog’s collar. While cute, the dog is not doing that without assistance.

  3. I once had a colleague in Costa Rica who looked just like that: barrel-chested, narrow-hipped, short-legged… And he danced just like that too! This is hilarious!

  4. Is … is that a string behind the dog’s head holding him up? I don’t think he’s dancing so much as struggling …

  5. What does it mean when you watch a dog dancing better than you know you’ll ever be able too?

    I’d rather watch ‘Dancing with the dogs’ than the ‘stars’.

  6. Ah the beauty of these dogs….they are useful for something other than….ankle attachments….Never knew…..

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