Saudi Kingdom Executes “Sorceress”

The Saudi Kingdom has now executed yet another “sorcerer” — part of a continuing trend in Muslim countries in arrested suspecting Genies and sorcerers in the name of Allah. In this case, the Saudis appear to have arrested a garden-variety carnival healer — a woman saying that she could heal illness for $800 per session.

The religious police arrested the woman in a sting operation. That’s right, the Saudis have anti-sorcery sting operations run by their morals police. She was beheaded pursuant to Sharia law.

What is fascinating is that this would mean that the Saudis would execute not just fortune tellers and carnival healers but presumably non-Muslim faith-healers if they claimed to be able to treat illnesses.

As discussed in yesterday’s column, this is one of the countries that the Obama Administration is working with to come up with new speech laws targeting intolerant speech.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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11 thoughts on “Saudi Kingdom Executes “Sorceress””

  1. They can, and should. The Saudis are our “friends” and we should hold them to task for things like this.

  2. “Why doesn’t the U.S. do anything about this?”


    For the same reason some foreign country cannot do anything about Texas and its very busy death row.

  3. “Those folks are charging headlong into the eleventh century, ready or not”

    They are sending many heads rolling that way yes……Why doesn’t the U.S. do anything about this?

  4. Perhaps Qui; No? I can’t disagree with “Frankly”

    Especially thay guy who used to be on TV. John Edwards. The one who looked like Larry the Cucumber from the Vegitales Show.

    Spoke with the dead.
    Heard them in his head.
    Told the gulible audience each word the ghosties said.

    “Tell your Grandma Jo.”
    “I didn’t mean to go”
    “It’s just you see; a tragedy. The bus was fast and I was slow”

    “Oh thank you kindest sir; for the answers you have got.
    I thought he had been murdered when they said he had been shot.
    I knew those cops were lying. Grand-dad was good as gold
    They tried to say he died due to the Crack and Pills he sold”

    They tried to say he knew that naked hooker on the bed
    They said she put a hollow pointed slug right through his head
    But I know better now; it was just a big old bus; you know
    My Grand-ma says it’s true because John Edwards tells me so

  5. OS,

    Surely you give them way too much credit….we are as guilty as any and we have only been around for 200 years and counting….The only thing we did not do was kill them on the spot…or at least its not reported….I am sure some just died of natural causes….like hanging around..

  6. While I personally favor beheading for all faith healers, psychics and those who pretend to talk to the dead I realize mine is an extreme position. It comes not from a belief that you are offending my cosmic muffin/hairy thunderer but from a belief that the damage they do to decent, if not too bright, people is greater than the risks to society from the brutality of beheading.

    The one question I would ask any faith healer is “When was the last time any faith healer was ever able to regenerate a limb? If you can heal all illness why not that one, the only one that could actually be verified?”

  7. I don’t suppose David Copperfield has Saudi Arabia on his tour schedule.

    Those folks are charging headlong into the eleventh century, ready or not.

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