A Christmas Miracle Gone To The Dog

Submitted by Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

The McKinlay family of  Yelm, Washington, are celebrating more than a holiday this Christmas. Their 8-month-old Yorkshire Terrier-Shih Tzu mix, Scamp, bolted from their yard and was struck by a car. When the McKinlay’s arrived the dog was bleeding, his eyes were fixed, and he wasn’t breathing. They carried their lifeless pet from the scene and placed him under a wheel barrow intent on burial the next day. Heart-broken, the grandparents of  six-year-old twins, were wondering how they would tell the pet-adoring kids about what had happened.  They finally settled on just telling them that Scamp had gone to heaven. Tearfully, the two young girls accepted the dog’s fate. “It was real sad to watch them crying over their dog and drawing pictures. We were trying not to cry,” Ms. McKinlay told the local TV News Channel, KOMO4.

The McKinlays had a surprise waiting for them the next morning, however. When Mr. McKinlay went to the wheel barrow to undertake the solemn task of burying the beloved dog, he was met with a start. Scamp, it seems, had no intention of leaving this world just yet.  Smiling and tail-wagging, the pup had channeled Lazarus and was waiting for his master when he arrived with shovel in hand.

After a joyous reunion and $3,000.00 worth of vet bills later, the McKinlays finally felt confident enough to tell the girls about Scamp’s return.  As you guessed, they were elated. Said Ms. McKinlay, “Christmas is about the kids. It’s about miracles, it’s about hope, it’s about family being together. Scamp is part of our family.”

Amen, Ms. McKinlay. Amen.

Source: Huffington Post

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

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  1. I live in the country, and people bring dogs out here to dump them when they get tired of them, or can’t afford them, or just want to rid themselves of the responsibility of caring for them. It’s heartbreaking to see these dogs, unable to take care of themselves, slowly starve to death or die from snakebite or get hit by vehicles. But many is the time I have seen a dog be hit by a car or a truck – or once even by a tractor – and be thrown to the side of the road, only to stand up and walk away once the shock wears off. Doubtless they wander off somewhere to die if their injuries are bad enough, but not all of them are killed by such traumas.

  2. This tale is a lovely Christmas story all right, but am I the only reader who wonders why the heck didn’t the dog’s owner place his pet on the backseat of his car — instead of under the wheelbarrow — and rush him to a vet?

  3. We wouldn’t trade our pit-mix for anything. 75 lbs of solid love, he sleeps next to us every night, barks away evil spirits outside at all hours (probably deer), and swims like Phelps! We recently got him a friend to play with – a year old Weimaraner (holy crap, what were we thinking!) and they get along GREAT. He’s a shiny, happy, mischievous sweetie-pie: “What, this branch i’m chewing on in the living room? Is there a problem?”

    My youngest and his wife have two tiny dogs (a Pom and a toy Pom) which are cute too (i find them too fragile though and they can’t leave them out because the hawks that circle above might think they were lunch).

  4. Beautiful story. I love dogs and grew up with them. I love small dogs especially Lhasa’s, Shih Tzus and Yorkies which are smart wonderful breeds. As a mix of two of those breeds this dog is beautiful. I can only imagine the father’s surprise and relief in this resurrection. Having experienced many untimely deaths of beloved dogs I haven’t owned one in almost 30 years. They become too much like members of the family.

  5. I heard this yesterday….This is a touching story….they ought to rename the dog Lazarus…

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